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1964: Pitch made to turn old sewer plant into golf course
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40 years ago

March 6, 1974

Manteca voters Tuesday returned two incumbent city councilmen to their posts on the city’s governing body. Chuck Shaefer was the top vote getter with 1,130 votes, followed by Mayor H. C. (Buck) Buchanan with 1,010 that put them into their second four-year term on the city council. The two were elected from among  six candidates.


50 years ago

March 4, 1964

An ideal site for recreation area “just made for a golf course” is the way the 54-acre sewer disposal plant site was described by Bill Johnson to Manteca City Council members Monday night. Johnson said a group of golf enthusiasts had met last week with a municipal golf course developer and they had gone over the Union Road site. He said the site was adequate for a nine-hole course and that the former dump site would make an ideal location for a club house and there would be room for a swimming pool and tennis courts.


70 years ago

March 9, 1944

Men from the Manteca area covered by local Selective Service Board No. 36, who have recently been accepted for service in the various branches of the armed forces at the induction center are listed as follows: Joseph Mancebo, navy (volunteer), Gus Bouzeneris, navy, Albert Cedergren, marine corps (volunteer), George R. Quaresma, Robert T. Hauck (volunteer), and John J. Ryan, all for the army.


80 years ago

March 8, 1934

Among the list of CWA projects in the county receiving approval this week was one in this city, according to word sent out from the San Francisco headquarters Tuesday. The local project is for the community recreation park on the block owned by the city just west of the city hall. Among the improvements will be a grandstand and installation of equipment for a night lighted ball park. Material from the old ball park in the south part of town will be used. Considerable improvements have already been made under the supervision of Bill Perry.


90 years ago

March 7, 1924

Mayor R. E. Leventon and the other members of the city council have declared Saturday, March 15 Manteca “Clean-up Day” when all the citizens of the town will be asked to assist in cleaning up and ridding back yards, alleys and vacant lots of all rubbish, weeds and litter of all kinds. The city will donate the use of a team and wagon and Ed Powers has offered the use of a truck for hauling away the rubbish.


100 years ago

March 6, 1914

At the meeting of the Manteca Board of Trade Monday evening, John P. Irish Jr., secretary of the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, was present and went into details in the matter of State Highway building in this county. He explained that the Supervisors had met with the State Highway Commission which was very reticent in making any statement regarding road construction in San Joaquin County and that matters practically stand unsettled. It would seem that the State Highway Commission takes it for granted that San Joaquin County roads now constructed are suitable and ready for travel.