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1974: First-class mail postage jumps to 10 cents per ounce
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10 years ago

March 4, 2004

Measure M — the $66 million school bond measure Manteca Unified Schools is hoping to leverage into $236 million of new and improved facilities — is passing by a margin of 96 votes. The final fate of the bond may not be decided until provisional ballots and absentees received in Tuesday’s mail at the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters office as well as collected at polling places are tabulated.


20 years ago

February 28, 1994

Restaurant and bar owners Tuesday expressed their disapproval to the Board of Supervisors of a proposed non-smoking ordinance which could affect restaurants, bars and any public facility in county areas. “I agree that smoking is bad for you,” said Ripon saloon owner John Trinkle, “but when I have my own money invested in a business, I don’t want the county to take some of it away.”


30 years ago

February 28, 1984

Manteca planning commissioners will consider a request by the Kiwanis Club to hold a five-day carnival on the northwest corner of Louise Avenue and Main Street when they meet at 7:30 p.m. tonight. At their last meeting, commissioners denied Stockton evangelist Bobby O’Neal a use permit to hold a 15-day tent revival at the same location. Planners said the duration of the event, plus the location, would pose traffic problems.


40 years ago

February 27, 1974

Postmaster Joseph Chincarini today reminded U. S. Postal Service customers that new postage rates will go into effect Saturday. “Beginning March 2,” Chincarini said, “first class mail will be 10 cents per ounce, airmail will be 13 cents and post cards will be eight cents.” The postmaster also pointed out that mailers may purchase their new stamps by mail, saving time and a gasoline-consuming trip to the post office.


50 years ago

February 24, 1964

Five candidates will vie for three seats on the Manteca City Council at the April 14 election. Arnold Malvick, who has served as mayor the past two years and a member of the council for 10 years, is seeking another four-year term. Ed Pitts is seeking his second term as councilman. Bill Eychaner, the third incumbent, is not seeking re-election. Ted Gregory, A. R. Houbein and Mrs. Claudia Glow are the other candidates.


60 years ago

February 25, 1954

A city parking lot for shoppers, a county fair exhibit, a Manteca hospital, a city dog pound and other business will be discussed by directors of the Manteca Chamber of Commerce at their regular monthly meeting Wednesday. President Oscar Breitenbucher said that the chamber’s yearly budget and the Royal Neighbors convention will also be discussed.


70 years ago

February 24, 1944

Manteca retail grocers and butchers are now receiving from local banks supplies of ration tickets for use when the simplified food rationing program goes into effect on February 27. According to E. E. Douglass, chairman of the local War Price and Rationing Board, each merchant will be given several hundred blue tokens to be used in making change for blue stamps when processed foods are purchased and a supply of red tokens to be used in making change for red stamps.


80 years ago

March 1, 1934

With no opposing vote, 32 patrons of the Calla School district at a meeting last night, gave the trustees authority to go ahead with plans for calling a special election to vote a $6,000 bond issue to use in the construction of a new building to replace the one destroyed by fire on the night of January 19. The vote was taken after John R. Williams, county superintendent of schools, had explained the steps necessary for calling the election.


90 years ago

February 29, 1924

City Marshal Frank Roundtree has issued a warning to all local dog owners calling their attention to the quarantine now is effect in this county resulting from the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in neighboring counties. The city official declared that all dogs should be tied up during the period of quarantine.


100 years ago

February 27, 1914

Andrew Veach of Manteca, whose alfalfa field is so often quoted as an example of productiveness, is due to the simple application of water to the soil. Last year, his three year-old alfalfa harvested 12 tons to the acre. His first crop was cut on April 16. This and the second crops were heavy and made together about five tons of hay to the acre.