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A show where it is in fashion to give
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Zoe Sephos knew as she sauntered down the runway that she was doing a lot more than just modeling clothes.

The Central Catholic High student was pivotal in organizing the second annual Anthony’s Angels fashion show. The show involves models who strut their stuff, donate their own used clothing, and where all of the proceeds from the bidders go to help the St. Vincent de Paul Society and their outreach efforts into the community.

“My mom is always chairing things and she always seems to be having a good time while she’s doing it, so I thought that this year I would give it a chance,” said Sephos – who served as the chairperson for the event. “A lot of fun went into planning this, and actually doing it was even more fun. I’m glad that we had people that were willing to come be a part of it.

“I think this event shows that just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean it can’t be appreciated by somebody else.”

A total of 16 models were utilized for the 90-minute show, and the combination of the door proceeds – all who attended were asked to make a $5 donation. The money raised by the sales of individual outfits were collected to be turned over to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The organization helps provide emergency food, clothing and other supplies to needy families throughout the area year-round.

“I think that it’s great that these kids were able to pull things out of their closet and put something together like this that’s fun for everybody,” said Ruby Creekmore – who was dazzled by some of the outfits from her front-row seat. “My granddaughter was in it, so that was nice to see. But it goes to a great cause, and it’s a nice way to see money raised for something that helps so many people.”

While it’s still too early to tell whether Sephos will once again take the reins on the program for next year, the three-year member of Anthony’s Angels – the youth group for St. Anthony’s Catholic Church – says that she’ll view the clothes that she grows out of differently in the future.

“This event showed me to not waste what we have and to not take anything for granted,” she said. “I definitely learned a lot by being a part of this.”