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Drain ready to do battle with MUSD
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Ashley Drain apparently believes that the “enemy” is the Manteca Unified School District.

Drain — along with fellow trustee Alexander Bronson — had felony charges filed against them on Friday by San Joaquin County District Attorney Toni Verber Salazar for fibbing about their residence when they filed nomination papers to represent Manteca and not their hometown of Stockton on the school board. Drain got a couple of bonus charges dropped into the mix such as welfare fraud and grand theft.

After she was informed about the charges, Drain took to her Facebook page and posted the following gem before it was taken down later in the day:

“Criminal Charges have been filed against me!

“Time to Tango!

“Let’s go! Manteca Unified School District! You will not break me!!!!!!!!

“Ready and willing for whatever is in store!

“Anchored, Armored, and Ready!!


Perhaps someone might want to mention to her that the charges were filed by the District Attorney and not Manteca Unified and only after the Secretary of State’s office did an investigation.

Other recent postings showed that Drain was branching out posting tips on how you too can avoid paying taxes to the IRS.

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Hawking Kaiser on Doctors Hospital property

In the let no good deed go unpunished department, one must wonder what Doctors Hospital of Manteca is thinking these days of its generous gift to the City of Manteca of property they owned so the city could erect a bus stop shelter.

It’s located directly across North Street from the entrance to the hospital.

One of the ads the company retained to maintain the shelters and also sell advertising space that the city gets a cut of is for Kaiser Permanente.

The fact the ad is right outside of their offices irks more than a few doctors that definitely aren’t working for Kaiser.

Obviously no one thought at the time that the shelter was going in on hospital property that the city through its agent would be selling advertising to a hospital competitor. But now that it has happened, perhaps some on the Manteca City Council might have a little class and suggest the contract be amended to not sell advertising that competes with property owners who were civic-minded enough to work with the city. Perhaps that is why the city is setting a new world’s record for dragging out the installation of a bus shelter on Spreckels Avenue by Target. Surely Target wouldn’t be thrilled with a Wal-Mart ad on property that they pay a fee each month to maintain.

On the flipside, it has now been two years since the city promised to place a bus shelter at what is one of the busiest stops in town.

At least city’s more on time than the unfinished Tidewater Bikeway kiosk on West Yosemite Avenue at Manteca Avenue in downtown Manteca. It’s been a work in progress now for 16 years and counting.