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Police departments fill shopping lists from government surplus
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Ever wonder where federal surplus equipment goes?

The 1033 Program audit list gives you a snapshot of what was requested and delivered through the Department of Defense to various law enforcement agencies.

Since late 2013 Manteca Police have picked up 18 rifles, 40 reflex sites, a vehicle boarding ladder, an explosive ordinance disposal tool kit, hook and line kit, two hazmat chemical protection suits, eight headlights, three reconnaissance camera systems, mine resistant vehicle, two chairs and a coffee maker among other items.

Ripon Police secured 10 rifles and an armored truck.

It’s nice to know that surplus items purchased with tax dollars and either not used or were lightly used are put to good use in local jurisdictions avoiding taxpayers getting dinged twice.

Manteca, for example, secured free equipment for police use valued at $900,000 with the mine resistant armored vehicle being the most costly at $733,000 and four coffee makers (obviously used) valued at $5 each.