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Aw, nuts! Almond load spills in Ripon
Almond dump DSC 7844
Some 20,000 pounds of almonds spilled from a trailer hauling the almonds from a Manteca farm to a Ripon hulling operation. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

A load of almonds on the way to a hulling operation in Ripon from the John Van Till ranch in Manteca dumped half of its load – 20,000 pounds in all – from the rear trailer onto Jack Tone Road just north of West Main Street in Ripon at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.
Ripon Police Lt. Steve Merchant said the truck’s tractor and the front trailer stayed upright. No one was injured in the crash. The tractor and front trailer were unhooked from the second trailer and moved away from the scene allowing workers better access.
Officers closed Jack Tone Road at Harvest Avenue south of Highway 99 to one-way traffic while a massive industrial crane was called to the scene. Once the crane was set up both lanes of traffic were closed on Jack Tone.
Farm workers arrived with a skip loader and rakes to move as much of the load out of the trailer and into a waiting truck.
The trailer was on its wheels later in the noon hour with little visible damage to its right side as the result of the crash.

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