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Buying pants without the number 4 on them
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I bought a new pair of jeans on Saturday.
I didn’t have to go to a special store. I didn’t have to shell out any extra money. I just went to Macy’s where they were on sale and picked out several that I hoped would fit. I didn’t actually have to take the deepest breath ever taken in the changing room to convince myself that I wasn’t going to burst a button.
I’d like to think this was as a result of my hard work and my dedication. But honestly, I haven’t been the best dieter and my workout routine has been sporadic at best.
So while I was thrilled that I could actually wear a new pair of jeans that didn’t include the number 4 before another number, I also came to a little bit of a realization.
Had I actually dedicated myself to this instead of making some half-baked deal with myself that I was going to take this slow I would have enjoyed this feeling a long time ago.
The thing about being out of shape – or fat, to be honest – is that it becomes your life. It’s gradual, so you don’t realize exactly how much it’s going to change who you are until it actually happens.
One minute you just don’t want to go the gym because you’d rather go drink beer with your friends and watch baseball. Then, all of a sudden, you don’t want to go the gym because you’re going to be wrecked for three or four days after the fact even when you gave up the beer a long, long time ago.
Why can’t I just do it right the first time so I don’t have to worry about it?
While this is more of a trend in my life that I’d like to admit, I do have to say that it’s extremely nice to be able to fit into a nice pair of jeans once again. Maybe it’s finally the incentive that I need to keep going on this little adventure that has apparently including spilling personal secrets and details to people that I’ve never met.
But there’s something therapeutic in that too, and that became clear to me last week when a gentleman that I ended up talking to for a story told me that he reads these little ramblings and told me that it gives him hope that one day he’ll be able to do it.
I’m not sure that I’m necessarily the beacon of hope that he’s looking for, but I will say that it’s nice to know that people out there actually relate to this in some form or fashion – even if it’s just in moderate passing.
Since I started this I’ve dropped two pants sizes. All of the polo shirts that made up my wardrobe have been replaced by the next size down. When I dine out at restaurants I can rarely finish the plate that is before me, and I’m feeling health benefits that are completely unexpected and totally welcome.
But it’s not like any of the things I’ve done have been a big secret.
Lord knows my wife has been trying to get me to do them since we met, and I’m still running afoul of the established platforms, much to her chagrin.
But I’ll try not to think too much about that. I’ll focus on the jeans, and making the right decision when the opportunity is before me. That’s all you can really do.
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