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Calvary collects school supplies
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Calvary Community Church is holding their annual School Supply Drive throughout the month of July and the beginning of August.

The event provides necessary supplies for children from struggling families attending school starting next month.

Thanks to the amazing support from community members over the years, Calvary has been able to supply backpacks filled with brand new school supplies to hundreds of children in need from grades K thru 12.  

In previous years Calvary has partnered up with various organization such as Love Inc., a non-profit group that helps meet  the basic needs of families in the community, to discover which families have children preparing for the school year and could benefit most from the School Supply Drive.  This year, the focus will be children from the families participating in Calvary’s Living Well Ministry.

When asked what type of impact this drive has on the children who receive the school supplies, Director of Living Well Ministry, Julie MacGregor shared her insight.

“Instead of starting the school year already behind these kids are able to start right where all the other kids are starting,” MacGregior said. “When a teacher says pull out your pencil, pull out your notebook, they have it.”

While having your own pencil and paper on the first day of school may seem trivial to some, for the children who need school supplies but do not have them, it can make all the difference in their outlook of the upcoming school year. 

“When the struggle at home is trying to put food on the table and surviving, for that child to have to concentrate on not having school supplies it’s just too much,” MacGregor said.  “These children need to succeed, they need to have the confidence and be equipped with the basic things necessary for starting that first day of school.  We are empowering these children to put their best food forward on that first day instead of feeling ashamed and already starting behind everyone else”

Empowering children is what the School Supply Drive is all about. Calvary Community Church invites community members to take part in empowering children by donating supplies to the drive.