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Cowell promotes 41 to high school
Joshua DSC 7095
Several Joshua Cowell School honor students walk to their seats. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Solman Aniss was one of four honor roll students at Joshua Cowell Elementary School eighth grade students who carried a 4.0 GPA for the entire year and, among others, spoke eloquently about changing the world for the better at Tuesday afternoon’s promotion ceremonies.

The other students to approach the microphone with similar messages were Dustin Ngo, Noe Saldivar, Yasmin Aguilar, Isabella Cebreros and Bianca Anaya for a total of 41 graduates.

Aniss said that he feels everyone plays and important part of society finding the theory of changing the world by the actions of one person to be very difficult. 

The formula for positive change is simple, he noted. “First recognize your worth, recognize your importance in society, recognize your value, and then use that value to reach your full potential.  If we all were to do this, if we all were to reach our full potential, then together we could ultimately change the world,” he said.

Already knowing where he is going to college – U.C. Berkeley – he said he plans to major in Computer Science.  Aniss noted his love for Math, saying that his Math teacher at Joshua Cowell recommended he teach children in the second grade at another  local elementary school some six times during the year.  He said the kids paid attention to him when he was teaching as much as they did their regular teacher, and said that they missed him when he was gone.

The other students receiving straight A’s included McKenna Hoppis, Stacy Le, and Dustin Ngo.

Joshua Cowell Principal Bonnie Bennett pointed out  to the audience six pillars that graced the stage telling of the school’s program for their students.  They were trustworthiness, respect, responsibilities, fairness, caring and citizenship.  She said those values would follow the graduating students throughout their lives.

Student Body President McKenna Hoppis – also an honor student – gave the promotion address to students and parents seated in the outdoor quad.

The students advance to high school included Yasmin Aguilar, Gino Allen, Bianca Anaya, Julessa Andazola, Alexus Anderson, Solman Aniss, Kelly Bess, Brenda Castellanos Pena, Isabella Cebreros, Erica Elias, Leonardo Estrada, Vanessa Gacia, Jonathon Glover, Jacob Greer, Natalie Guerro, Alyssa Henricksen, Kiersten Hodges, McKenna Hoppis, Austin Kivilahti, Jacob Kreis, Stacy Le, Jose Leon, Maili Magdaleno, Austin Martinez, Andrew Michaelis, Daisi Morales, Dustin Ngo, Giselle Ramirez, Austin Reed, Shamyel Rezaye, Noe Saldivar, Andelina Serna, John Simien, Harsimran Singh, Maya Tolentino, Tanner Traywick, Ariel Twiggs, Rosalinda Valdivia, Adrina Valencia Ramirez, Juan Carlos Villalalvazo and Javan Ware. 

The opening lyrics at the processional were that of “The Climb,”  while “The Best Day of My Life” marked the recessional at the end of the event.