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Three men in their 20s attempting a home burglary shortly before 10 a.m. today (Tuesday) were arrested thanks to the quick action of a 13-year-old boy who was home because of his school’s in-service day.

His quick action made him the family hero in probably saving extensive losses from the home.

The mild mannered teen said he was taking a nap on the front room couch.  He was awakened by the pounding on the front door of the family home in the 900 block of Agate Street, north of Alameda Street and just east of Union Road.

The youth said he looked out the front window and “saw a dude” on the lawn.  Then he went to the front door and looked through a small window and saw him pounding again – lasting some five minutes.

A 2000s vintage Chrysler SUV pulled up into the driveway when the knocking and pounding ceased.

The youth said he called his older brother on his cell phone, later learning that he, too, had been asleep.  He called his dad at work and was told to call 911 fast.  The teen said the 911 operator told him she had an officer in the area and he would be there shortly.

The boy said he went out in the back yard and hid as two of the men entered the house and he waited about three minutes until motorcycle officer Patrick Danipour arrived at his home.  Some five other police cars were there within five minutes, he added, surrounding the house.

One of the suspects attempted to escape out a rear bedroom window destroying the screen as he ran into the back yard.  Police entered the home with a canine that cornered the other suspect biting him into submission.  The suspect fleeing through the window was arrested in the yard by officers.

The three men were transported to the City Jail for transportation to the San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp by later in the afternoon -- charged with residential burglary.  Officers searched the car in the driveway and removed bags of what was believed to be evidence in other cases.

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