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Lathrop High welcomes 320 freshmen
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There are three types of students in high school.

“The first group will make things happen,” said Irene Munguia, who is the Link Crew advisor at Lathrop High.

Friday was freshmen orientation for 320 invited newcomers. “It was a good turnout,” she said.

During the morning event, Munguia, who orchestrated the ice-breaking activities, provided a quick sketch of the various types of students on one such exercise consisting of Link Crew leaders Jailyn Annese and Rudy Esquivel along with five freshmen boys and five freshmen girls.

It was a race between the ninth- grade girls vs. the ninth- grade boys.

Each of the volunteers were provided with inflated balloons, with the goal of popping them while running and pressing against their upperclassmen counterparts. Esquivel and the girls were the easy winners.

All those involved were also an example of the first group – those who make things happen, according Munguia, who also referenced prep athletes along with band and drama students, to name a few, among that group.

“Those in the second group are the ones who watch things happen,” she said. “They’re just as important (as the first group).

“We need their support at sporting events, the school concerts, or plays.”

As for the third group, Munguia noted that they among the no-shows at freshmen orientation.

“They’re the ones who missed out,” she said.

The ones in attendance had a chance to meet with their Link Crew leaders – 70 upperclassmen, in all – who provided a tour of the campus along with advice on what to expect during that first year at LHS.

High school represents an opportunity for ninth- grade students to get a fresh start, Munguia said.

“This is a chance to re-brand yourself,” she told the youngsters who came from the Manteca Unified feeder sites, Lathrop Elementary, Joseph Widmer, and Mossdale.

Lathrop High starts school Wednesday along with the rest of the Manteca Unified School District.



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