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Manteca dress code no-nos
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School is not the place for a fashion show. Neither is it a venue for setting the world on fire by wearing clothes that serve as walking billboards for slogans. Nor is the school campus a vehicle for advertisements disguised as fashions, especially when they deal with products that fall under the category of controlled substances such as tobacco or alcoholic beverages.

School is a place of learning, and Manteca Unified School District officials are making sure it stays that way.

Below, in a nutshell, are some of the district’s dress code big no-no’s:

• No altered T-shirts that expose the chest and tank tops with extended armholes.

• No bare midriffs exposed at any time during the normal school day.

• No punched-out belt buckles.

• No sagging pants; they must be worn at the natural waistline.

• No see-through clothing or clothing that exposes the body in a sexually suggestive manner, including backless or strapless tops, blouses with spaghetti straps, low-cut blouses, skirts with high slits or that are extremely short.

• No T-shirts or insignia that advertise or represent controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, contain profanity, are obscene, have racial overtones or have inappropriate sexual connotations.

• No T-shirts or dress shirts that are stacked.

• No exposed chains or belts.

• No visible gang-related tattoos.

• No slippers or pajamas, including pajamas with pockets.

• No clothing related to a group or gang which may incite acts of violence (example: belt buckles with initials or red, blue, or brown web belts, belts hanging out of the pants, red, blur, or other colored shoelaces, bandanas or any type or color, either worn in hair or displayed in clothing, gloves, towels or other items hanging from rear pants pockets or from belt; excessive clothing items of predominantly one color, old English-style writing on clothing or notebooks).

Furthermore, the approved hats that students are allowed to wear must meet these criteria: full-brim (around the entire hat) with a width of 1.5-4 inches, straw or cloth, white, off-white, tan, gray, or black.

School staff will confiscate hats from students who are wearing them in an inappropriate manner; disciplinary action may follow.

The district policy defines gang “as an association of students, not curriculum-related or organized for the purpose of the furtherance of some political, religious, moral, environmental, artistic, athletic, musical, or a socially responsible goal.”

The policy further states that “appropriate dress is necessary for the health, safety, and undisrupted operation of the school and classes. Student attire should be neat and clean.”

The Manteca Unified School District Dress Code Guidelines may be accessed by logging on to, click on Board Policies, scroll down to 5000 Students and go to #5132 Dress and Grooming.