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Escalon retiree wins $1,000,000 Scratchers
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ESCALON  -  The next generation of one Escalon family will prosper from the “Millions in Cash” Scratchers ticket thanks to the generosity of the latest winner. Joseph Parr, a 72- year-old retiree, decided to pass on a third of his $1,000,000 prize to his son. 

Parr, a retired programmer, currently lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Escalon and says that he is content with his life. His son, on the other hand, could use some help making his mortgage payments. Parr hopes to alleviate some of this stress by giving his son a portion of his prize money. 
Parr, however, does intend to use a small part of his prize to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes: watching police dramas. He plans to upgrade his old 27-inch tube television to a new state of the art 42-inch plasma flat screen.

Parr bought his winning “Millions in Cash” ticket at H & M Food Store, located at 2501 Jackson Avenue in Escalon. He almost lost out on his prize due to misreading the ticket. Parr purchased several “Millions in Cash” Scratchers on Monday, scratched them and thought he had only won $8. Luckily he saved the tickets, double checked them Wednesday and discovered that his $8 win was actually a $1,000,000 win.