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Friends collaborate on childrens book
Sandra Goodwin Young, left, and Carol Dias Nunes collaborated on the childrens book, Grandpas Orchard and the Christmas Pie.

So just what is grandpa growing in his orchard?
The answer is at the end of a 40-page children’s book that’s collaboration between long-time friends Sandra Goodwin Young and Dias Nunes.
Young, a retired Turlock teacher and school principal, wrote the book that’s available on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble for $16.95. Nunes, who along with her husband Al owns A&C Trucking based in Manteca, illustrated the book.
While the storyline evolves around grandkids finding out what their grandpa is growing in his orchards that will ultimately be used in a Christmas pie, it serves as a light-hearted way to help youngsters learn the months of the year as well as to delve into agriculture.
The idea for the book came from Young who decided Nunes would be the perfect illustrator.
When she asked Nunes to illustrate the book — something the Manteca resident who has a passion for drawing she has never done before — Nunes said she laughed.
The six month effort going from concept to publishing ended up with the two friends deciding to work on future books as well.
Nunes related how various illustrations at one point covered much of her front room. She added her family has been extremely supportive and proud of her endeavor.
Both Goodwin and Young are Manteca High graduates although they were not classmates. Their friendship grew over the years first as Rainbow Girls and then as Rainbow advisors.
The inspiration for the book came naturally for Young given she grew up on a rural Manteca almond orchard. Also asking Nunes who she described as her best friend to illustrate it was a no-brainer given the drawings that she has done over the years.
The models for the grandchildren used in “Grandpa’s Orchards” are Young’s own grandchildren.
“They’re a real good likeness,” Young said of Nunes’ work.
Young isn’t surprised that sales of print copies of books — especially children’s books — are still going strong in the age of e-books.
“Children like to have a book in their hands,” Young noted.

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