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Holidays shift day for green waste
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The holidays are nearing.
With that are changes to the trash pick-up days in the City of Ripon.
“There will be no garbage service on Christmas or New Year’s Day,” said Director of Public Works Ted Johnston.
Both days fall on Monday, which are the regular schedule for green waste – or green bin – collection.
Instead, Johnston noted that the green cans will be collected on the Friday (Dec. 29) after Christmas and the Friday (Jan. 5) after New Year’s Day.
He added that the black can collection days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – will remain the same.
What to do with the Christmas trees after the holidays?
Ripon offers free pick up of Christmas trees to go along with the fallen leaves and yard trimmings through Jan. 31.
During the annual Fall Brush Pick-up, these loose items can be placed on the street but just outside of the gutter, which needs to remain clear for water runoff, according to the City’s website,
Christmas trees – real and not artificial – must have the stands removed for the pickup.
Branches should not be more than four feet long and six inches in diameter.
No tree stumps or trimmings in tie-down bags.
It’s not necessary to contact City Hall for this pick-up service – a Special Public Works crew will pick up trimmings each week, checking out the various neighborhoods.
According to the folks at the Public Works, if the yard trimmings are not picked up one week, they’ll get to it the following week.
For more information, call Ripon City Hall at 209.599.2108 or log on to the website.