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Lathrop distributes funds for non-profits
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LATHROP – Non-profit and community groups that feel that they qualify for the community development block grant money that the City of Lathrop takes in submit proposals outlining why they deserve the money – more often than not for thousands of dollars above what is actually available. 

It’s then up to the city staff and elected officials to determine where the money should best be allocated. 

Paperwork comes in. Checks go out. And when you’re talking about a small community organization where any small token of money can make a huge difference in an operating budget, it becomes like Christmas in March for those lucky enough to get a slice of the pie. 

And once again the Second Harvest Food Bank will get a fairly large piece of the pie. 

Because of its firmly established and far-reaching programs – including some that operate right out of the Lathrop Senior Center – the food bank will use the check for just over $4,500 to continue to provide meals and awareness to those in the area that face issues with hunger. 

Other organizations like Love In the Name of Christ (Love, INC) Agape Villages Foster Family and the Boys and Girls Club of Lathrop will all receive $1,000 checks towards helping their respective operation funds. 

The city is also going to take a step towards working with the Disability Resource Agency that would allow for the installation, placement and execution of things like ramps and grab bars inside of the homes of disabled residents. 

There’s never enough money to go around. 

Once all of the requests came in, more than $33,000 was asked for – more than three times the amount the city had available. And the money will likely be distributed over the course of the coming month. 

Unlike in previous years when representatives from each of the groups would make their plea to the council, it was up to the council itself to make the on-the-fly decisions – time precluded them from being able to bring it back with any more concrete information on matters that weren’t 100 percent clear.