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Base pay now starts at $84,518 for MPD officers
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The Bulletin

The base annual salary of a Manteca Police officer will now range from $84,518 to $118,925.

That is after the City Council this past week approved a 2 percent salary increase effective as of July 1, 2019 and another 2 percent increase on July 1, 2020.

The increase in salary and benefits will cost taxpayers $293,250 this fiscal year. That includes $219,200 from the general fund and $64,050 from the Measure M public safety tax.

The eight step pay scale for police officers starts at $40.63 an hour and is capped at $57.17 an hour for regular pay. Police sergeant pay starts at $57.14 an hour or $118,933 year and reaches $69.50 an hour on the fifth step for an annual base pay of $144,564.

The new contract with the Manteca Police Officers Association combined Police Officer I and Police Officer II titles into simply Police Officer with eight pay steps.

Uniform allowances are being increased from $1,000 to $1,200. The new contract also includes 80 hours of wellness time off.

The Manteca Police Employees Association contract that covers non-sworn positions also includes 2 percent annual pay raises for this year and the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

The language for the MPEA contract changes pay for those who are bilingual from $125 a month to 2.5 percent of salary per month.

The annual pay range for various MPEA positions of a five-step salary schedule will be:

uanimal services officer from $51,776 to $62,934.

ubooking officer from $64,510 to $78,412.

ucode enforcement officer from $64,510 to $78,412.

uCommunity Service Officer I from $58,450 to $71,046.

uCommunity Service Officer II from $64,510 to $78,412.

uLead animal control officer from $56,839 to $69,088.

uLead records clerk from $61,402 to $74,634.

uPolice Records Clerk I from $50,513 to $61,398.

uPolice Records Clerk II from $55,717 to $67,725.

uPublic Safety Dispatch Coordinator from $84,463 to $102,884.

uPublic Safety Dispatcher I from $64,510 to $78,412.

uPublic Safety Dispatcher II from $71,207 to $86,552.

The changes in the pay scale and benefits for non-sworn police department personnel will cost taxpayers $188,650.