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Big e-commerce distribution plan for NW Manteca
Includes parking for 854 ‘walk-in’ delivery vans
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A massive “last mile” e-commerce distribution center is being proposed for 23.5 acres along the North Airport Way in northwest Manteca.

Dubbed the Airport Business Centre Project, the 23.5 acre site is planned for a 141,360 square foot distribution center.

It is being designed as a “last mile” distribution center. That means products will be brought from other distribution centers by semi-trucks. Then orders will be filled and distributed via vans. Typically “last mile” can involve customers several  blocks up to 100 miles away.

Manteca already has a similar operation with the Amazon Prime distribution center on Louise Avenue in the business park just west of the Manteca Unified School District complex. That distribution center has 91,134 square feet.

The proposed e-commerce city will have parking for 257 passenger cars and 854 vans.

The vans will be of the “walk in” design as opposed to typical commercial vans.  There will also be 15 truck loading docks.

It is bordered on the north by Riella farms that is just south of 5.11 Tactical. It is a quarter mile southwest of Del Webb at Woodbridge.

More business park

buildings along corridor

The city also is vetting environmental documents for the CenterPoint South Project. It consists of two buildings designed as warehouses with truck loading docks. One is 52,029 square feet and the other is 47,485 square feet.

They will be built on the west side of Airport Way south of Crothall Laundry,


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