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Board mat re-affirm Policy barring inter- district agreements

If a 12th grade student moves out of the Manteca Unified School District in the coming months they will be eligible for an interdistrict attendance agreement so they can graduate with their class. Everyone else will be out of luck.

The Manteca Unified School District board is expected to reaffirm an existing policy to that effect when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the district office complex 2271 West Louise Ave., Manteca.

The policy is the result of student classroom space at the elementary and high school levels nearing — or being already at — capacity.

The school board for the past several years has adopted similar resolution indicating they will not accept inter-district agreement requests. That’s when a family outside the district’s boundaries wishes their child to attend a Manteca Unified school.

There has been a historical exception for the rule, however. School employees that live outside the district can make a request to attend Manteca Unified Schools and it will typically be honored. The district views allowing workers that live elsewhere enroll their students in Manteca Unified schools as “a perk” the district can offer employees.

The district also gains from such an arrangement as teachers that are parents tend to be able to spend more time on after school endeavors as they aren’t in a rush to get home to their kids. In past years the numbers of district employees that did not live in the district but asked that their children attend school here has been around several dozen.

In the past, inter-district agreements were requested by those that owned a business or were employed within the boundaries of Manteca Unified. Such requests haven’t been granted for a number of years.

Also on Tuesday the school board will:

swear in the five student board members for the school year that starts next week. They are Brooklyn Johnson, East Union High; Alejandra Arevalo, Weston Ranch High; Rupina Sandhu, Sierra High; Julia Odom, Lathrop High; and MaryAnn Bueno, Manteca High.

consider approving an out-of-state field trip to Disney World Resort in Florida from Dec. 28, 2019 to Jan. 3, 2020 for the Sierra High cheer team. The Sierra team received the Superior Award at the Universal Cheer Association (UCA) cheer camp at Grand Sierra Reno in July. The award came with an invitation by UCA to perform at the pregame show at Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida. Twenty students and 4 chaperones will be on the trip.

consider making slight changes to its use of school facilities policy. One change exempts the Boys & Girls Club, as well as the cities of Manteca, Lathrop, and Stockton that are in direct support of district students where no money is charged from having to be responsible for utility, processing, and custodial outside that are incurred outside of normal hours. The charges would still apply to Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and YMCA.

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