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Bulk of work on Yosemite will be at night
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Most of the construction work for the upcoming major overhaul of Yosemite Avenue from Main Street to Cottage Avenue will start after school lets out for the summer and during the night hours to minimize the impacts on businesses and Manteca High.

Work also will be done in the coming months on Main Street between Yosemite Avenue and Atherton Drive.

Details about the two projects and their schedules will be shared during a community meeting on Tuesday, April 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Manteca Transit Center, 220 Moffat Blvd.

The $3 million Yosemite Avenue work will involve removing several layers of asphalt to get rid of the pronounced crown that has developed. It also will involve installing two overhead LED warning flashers that are activated whenever someone is trying to cross at Garfield Avenue or Sherman Avenue in front of Manteca High.

The city is also doing work on a water main crossing Yosemite at Fremont Avenue several years ahead of schedule to avoid tearing up the new pavement once the project is completed.

High profile “green” bike lanes will be placed on both Main Street and Yosemite Avenue that will result in narrower travel lanes. The city is also installing fiber optic at the same time to avoid going back and tearing up pavement when vendors bring the next generation of high speed Internet service to Manteca.

The two projects include pavement rehabilitation, restriping, traffic signs, and making sure all sidewalks at intersection are American with Disabilities Act compliant.

The bulk of the funding for the two projects was obtained from the federal government. The Main Street work has a $3.1 million price tag bringing the overall cost of the two projects to $6.1 million.

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