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Manteca’s marijuana stores are going into commercial /offices
embrac south lake tahoe
Inside the Embarc cannabis store in South Lake Tahoe.

Manteca’s three approved locations for storefront retail cannabis sales eschew what were the typical locations selected in many cities that were among the first to allow them after voters legalized the recreation use and sale of marijuana for adults 21 and older

The first dispensaries cities initially allowed were mostly in older industrial parks somewhat off the beaten track.

That isn’t the case in Manteca

All three locations moving forward are off of main thoroughfares in newer buildings

*Embrac Manteca is combining two existing suites in a small retail strip center in the 1100 block of South Main Street across the street from Denny’s as well as Walmart and Safeway. The suites are 1140 and 1142, directly behind the Dairy Queen.

Other concerns in the retail center includes a pizza place, a dental practice, and a financial advisor services office among other uses.

*Off the Charts Manteca is at 2325 West Yosemite Avenue in a small business park that has been populated over the years by auto care, construction, window blinds contractor, and other similar businesses.  It is occupying space in the front that has storefront characteristics.

It is the most highly visible of the three locations from a main arterial given there is nothing between the storefront and Yosemite Avenue other than a parking lot.

It is on the north side of Yosemite Avenue with the municipal wastewater treatment plant is to the southwest and across the street.

*Nectar Market is at 1519 Yosemite Avenue.

It is in the northwestern most corner of a series of business and professional  & medical buildings — including Valley Oak Dental and Central Valley Veterinary Hospital — are located on the northwest corner of Trevino and West Yosemite avenues.

The former occupant of the building was Golden Bear Physical Therapy which has since relocated to the Mission Ridge Shopping Center on South Main Street.

At all three locations, existing nearby tenants were made aware of the proposed use, security, and operations in advance of the sites being submitted to the city for consideration.

Embrac provides a nearby example of what one can expect in their Manteca location.

They recently opened their 13th store in Tracy in a similar retail center in front of the WinCo supermarket.

It operates next door to a martial arts studio.

There is a guard on site with windows frosted over.

It features an entry area that requires one to check in and provide a driver’s license to scan to verify age. The check in area is between a set of double doors — the entrance to the store and the entrance to the sales area.

Once checked in, customers are ushered into a sales area that reflects the interior sensibilities you’d expect to find in a retail business.

Manteca is expected to complete the permitting process in the coming months to allow the three retail locations to open.


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