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Ripon requires RVs parked by visitors to secure police permit
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The Ripon City Council approved an amendment to the Recreational Vehicle Parking ordinance.

Most notably, the parts on “Restrictions regarding RV parking in residential areas” to provide some clarity regarding RV visitor parking permit, and “Recreational Vehicle used as Dwellings,” including language that prohibits the use of RVs as dwelling units on residential lots.

No discussion was needed at the Dec. 12 Ripon City Council meeting.

“Staff did receive comments from City Council regarding some needed clarifications to the proposed amendment,” said Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart in his staff report.

Visitor parking of RVs on either a private property, public right-of-way, alley, or along the city streets – as long as it’s in front or adjacent to the host residence – will require a RV visitor parking permit issued by the Chief of Police.

RVs may be parked on a public street, public right-of-way, or alley in front or immediately adjacent to the owner’s home for up to 48 consecutive hours – prior to the use of that same 48-hour span – to load, unload, clean, battery-charge, or other activity preparatory to travel.

This permit does allow for visitors to park their vehicle for no more than 14 days in any continuous six-month period, and no more than one such visit in any six-month period.

As for RVs used as dwellings, the ordinance said: “Living or sleeping in a recreation vehicle on private property is prohibited.”

This also applies to vehicle with camper shells, cars, or any similar-type devices used for living or sleeping quarters on private property, except in a lawfully operated travel trailer park, travel center, or campground.

This was a second reading to the changes of this section of the Ripon Municipal Code.