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Ripon schools earn high marks for career readiness
Ripon Schools

The Ripon Unified School District was just named to the Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll.

That’s the program sponsored by the Campaign for Business and Educational Excellence, which honors high achievement in student success.

The 2018-19 Honor Roll was developed by Education Results Partnership or ERP, a nonprofit organization that applies data science in helping improve student outcome and career readiness.

“We are honored to be recognized by educational and business leaders as an ERP Honor Roll school district,” said RUSD Superintendent Ziggy Robeson, who made the announcement at last Monday’s school board meeting.

She added: “We are continually striving to increase academic achievement and improve educational outcome for all of our students.”

Robeson praised teachers and administrators for their commitment and dedication in helping produce positive results throughout the district.

RUSD was one of 26 public school districts receiving the ERP recognition.

Ripon Elementary School and Ripon High were among the 2019 schools receiving this prestigious award.

According to ERP board chair Marilyn Reznick, the Honor Roll is the only school recognition program in California based solely on objective achievement data.

“The schools don’t even know they’ve earned the honor until we tell them,” she said in her press release.

CEO and President James Lanich noted that his ERP is aimed at improving educational equity and promoting career readiness for all students regardless of family income, background or ZIP code.

“These Honor Roll schools and districts are living proof that our students can succeed when schools are committed to improving educational obstacles and accelerating student success. By focusing on these bright spots, we hope to change the conversation from ‘what’s wrong’ to ‘what’s working,’ and encouraging others to replicate their success,” he said.

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