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Ripon’s annual brush collection is underway
The City of Ripon’s annual Brush Pick Up calls for tree trimmings and fall leaves to be placed along the curbside away from street gutters.

The holidays and change weather are all but here.

That means, for those living in Ripon, what to do with the old Christmas trees and tree trimmings.

Public Works Director James Pease said at last week’s Ripon City Council meeting that the annual Brush Pick Up is currently under way.

From now through Jan. 7, folks can set their fall leaves, trimmings, and, later on, Christmas trees off to the curbside for disposal.

Items are to be placed to be placed away from the street gutters in order for water runoff.

The Brush Pick Up program consists of:

·         Not accepting palm tree cuttings.

·         No other solid waste of any kind placed among the clippings or leaves.

·         No branches bigger than 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter will be accepted.

·         No tree stumps.

·         Not bagging or tying up of trimmings.

For residents, it will not be necessary to call City Hall to have the trimmings picked up. Rather, a Public Works crew will conduct the pickups while checking the neighborhoods.

Public Works on the program: “It is not a set route so if they do not pick it up one week, they will pick it up the next week.”

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