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Manteca donates nearly 200 pints of blood
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Dave Hudson, who officially donated over 11 gallons of his blood to the Delta Blood Bank over the years, was among those who gave the Gift of Life Friday at the MRPS Hall. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

It might be safe to say Dave Hudson has easily given blood over 88 times.

That’s taking into account the 67-year-old Manteca man has donated over 11 gallons to the “Gift of Life” over the years.

“I’m hoping to make it 15 to 20 gallons, if they let me,” he said on Friday. “I try to give (one) pint of blood every 56 days.”

Fifty-six days is equivalent to two months, which, according to Delta Blood Bank, is the allowable time necessary for any person between blood donation visits.

Hudson, who is employed at the Defense Distribution Depot-San Joaquin – formerly, Sharpe Army Depot – initially planned to give at the Manteca Delta Blood Bank at North Main Street and Louise Avenue earlier in the week.

“But then I found out they were having one here today (at the MRPS Hall),” he said.

Hudson was among the many who took part in the News 10 Blood Donor Day.

The annual event was a collaborative effort consisting of Sacramento (News 10), Roseville (Roseville Sports Center), Stockton (Delta Blood Bank), Elk Grove (Wackford Community Center) and Manteca.

By mid-afternoon, they managed nearly 1,500 pints of blood for the ovrall Sacramento-San Joaquin counties region.

“We’re hoping for 200 units (of blood) in Manteca,” said Lisbeth Garcia, who is Delta Blood Bank’s donor operations / blood drive coordinator.

Cheryl Kirwan, who holds the same the title as Garcia, was responsible for coordinating the blood drive at the MRPS Hall. Included was an interactive kids area featuring the Wii game system and vendors such as In-Shape Health Clubs.

Margaret Pablo was another blood donor. She’s been doing so on a regular basis for about a year.

“I wanted to do it earlier but I didn’t weigh enough,” Pablo said.

All donors must weigh over 110 pounds, generally in good health, free from cold or flu symptoms for at least 48 hours, and at least age 17 (age 16 with parental consent).

On her keychain, Pablo has a BloodSource donor card, tallying up points each time she contributes her own blood.

The Blood Bank officials indicated that one pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Fifty pints, for example, can help those in this area involved in serious auto crashes, with 30 pints needed to help those with bleeding ulcers, 10 for brain surgeries, 8 pints (per week) for cancer patients, 25 for cardiovascular surgeries, 20 for liver transplants, and four per month for treating sickle cell.

Pablo received a bonus for taking part in the News 10 Blood Bank Day – a commemorative T-shirt, a coupon for free pint of ice cream from Baskin Robbins, and the Cal Expo state fair.

Hudson, meanwhile, was also looking forward to receiving the extras.

He proudly sports his recognition plate on his car for his efforts of being a generous donor. Hudson, who is veteran of the armed services, has been giving blood for about 40 years.

“That was during the time of the old system (of monitoring a donor’s contribution),” he recalled.

Hudson, who, by his estimation, might have exceeded 15 gallons, donates his blood to save lives.

“We have people out there who really need it,” he said.

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