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Manteca Idol 2010 auditions start May 1
Brian Rodrigues was among the 2009 Manteca Idol contestants. - photo by Bulletin file photo


• WHAT: First auditions for Manteca Idol 2010 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
• WHERE: Boys & Girls Club, 545 W. Alameda St.
• MORE INFO: Go to or call 239-KIDS

Melanee Scarborough knows the power of the “cell phone game” when it comes to spreading news among youth.

The Manteca Idol Director of Operations is hoping that the early auditions that the organizers are planning this year will bring out a large grouping of younger competitors looking to participate in the Manteca Junior Idol competition that is entering its second year. The first auditions kick off on Saturday, May 1, at the Manteca Boys and Girls Club, 545 W. Alameda, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A $10 fee will be assessed for each person who makes it past the auditions. Those under 17 will be eligible to pay an addition $15 and secure a membership to the Boys and Girls Club – the organization that Manteca Idol benefits every year.

“We’re hoping that these early auditions will bring out a lot more kids by word-of-mouth since they’ll be held while school is still in session,” Scarborough said. “That’ll make it a lot easier for the telephone game to be played, and hopefully we’ll have a large group of young singers ready to participate in Junior Idol.”

After coming off one of the most successful seasons in event history, Manteca Idol – which completely transformed its format for last season in order to maximize both the entertainment and the competition – is hoping to take another step in the same direction when they open their season in the fall at Chez Shari.

With the exception of some of the genres that contestants will be asked to choose from, very little will change in terms of the format. The decision on how to incorporate both current Manteca Idol Shellie Hoyt and Manteca Junior Idol Annie Banks into the emcee role has yet to be made.

“Last year we definitely took a step in the right direction – for the most part everyone was pleased with the revamp of the competition, and everyone liked the addition to the Junior Idol portion of the competition,” Scarborough said. “Our goal was for everyone involved in the competition to have fun – the audience, the participants, the committee – and I think that’s something that we achieved.

“I think that as a committee we laid the groundwork last year, and now we’ll be able to build on that and get stronger and stronger each year.”

The entire 2009 Manteca Idol committee – Scarborough, Michelle Brown, Jeff Hannon, Anne and Phil Talcott, Julie Torres, and Jay Holmes – will be returning this year.

Those wishing to audition can download an application at and bring it, completed, the morning of the audition on May 1. For additional information, e-mail