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Park View teams strong at Olympiad
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RIPON - Ripon’s Park View Elementary School had two teams place in the San Joaquin County Math Olympiad representing their fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

Linda Brzezinski - a parent of one of the students and a chemistry professor at Modesto Junior College - worked with the students for weeks at the school prior to the math competition where the competitors were tested individually and as teams. She has also tutored students in prior years in both the Science and Math Olympiads prior to county-wide meets.

Her daughter, Vivian Kellner, 11, was among the highest scoring individuals in the event. Vivian finished in second place as an individual. She and her teammates were among the top five teams from some 20 schools and 31 teams of “Mathletes” from throughout the county. The Ripon team had nine correct out of 10 problems they solved on the team test.

The Park View students finished in first place in last year’s first Math Olympiad also held at the San Joaquin Office of Education building north of the Stockton Airport.

The second team from Park View finished in tenth place with their proficiencies at solving numerous math problems. The teams of five students had two alternates named to replace anyone who had to drop out of the high energy competition.

In addition to Ripon, the top five teams and the highest scorers were students from Tracy and Stockton: Monte Vista, Rio Calaveras, and Jefferson elementary schools.

The top team to finish in the competition included Elias Herrera, Hannah Nussbaumer, Mason Reeves, Kierra Chavez, Vivian Kellner, Thomas Vaughn and Janie Chapin.

The second team from Park View included Blake Fardanesh, Lucas Esenwein, Hunter Reeves, Hunter Handley, William Schock, Vikash Rava and Teresa Dimas.

Young Kellner said the most difficult puzzle to solve, where the focus was on popcorn coming in two sizes, large and small at a cost of $4 and $7. They had to determine the largest amount “not possible” to spend in buying the bags of popcorn.

“You can’t spend $17,” she said of the answer.

In the competition students were given 10 problems each and a team test in addition to the eventual tie breakers.

She is a sixth grader is in Mrs. Erica Ramos’ class and says she enjoys writing stories the most of all her school work assignments.

Coach Brzezinski said what she likes best about the Olympiad competition is that the students are given follow up reviews on the problems. That allows them to learn more about math in the process, she said.

Park View Principal Mona Ogden lauded Brzezinski saying she again went above and beyond this year in working with the Olympiad students once a week for a total of five weeks.