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Ripon asks Uncle Sam for $1M for water line
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RIPON – Ripon is hoping Uncle Sam will spot it $1 million toward the cost of building a five-mile pipeline to connect with an existing line carrying treated surface water to the cities of Manteca Tracy, and Lathrop.

The City of Ripon recently submitted a grant application to the U.S. Department of the Interior / Bureau of Reclamation.

It’s a $1 million funding opportunity also known as WaterSMART: Water and Energy Efficiency Grants for the fiscal year 2011.

The Ripon City Council approved the grant application at last month’s meeting. No discussion was necessary.

If awarded, the City could begin construction on the five-mile pipeline by June 15.

About a month ago, this surface water grant application was prepared by the consulting firm of Forsgren Association, Inc., calling for the construction of a pipeline to connect Ripon to the South San Joaquin Irrigation District’s surface pipeline.

“(The) groundwater in the area is unreliable and, over the years, the City has been forced to remove potable water supply wells from service due to nitrate concentrations exceeding the prescribed maximum contaminant level,” said City Engineer Kevin Werner in his Feb. 17 letter.

He added that the project would supplement the City of Ripon’s drinking water supply with surface water from the South San Joaquin Irrigation District’s Nick DeGroot Water Treatment Plant.

Plans also call for the pipeline to extend from the intersection of River Road and Jack Tone Road, and Lone Tree Road.

The WaterSMART program was established about a year ago.

In this case, the Bureau of Reclamation works with local government by establishing a framework to provide federal leadership and assistance on the efficient use of water, integrating water and energy policies to support the sustainable use of all natural resources, and coordinating the water conservation activities of the various interior offices.