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Ripon may restrict what goes in city bills
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When it comes to inserting advertisements in the mail – namely, monthly utility bills or annual dog license renewal notices – the City of Ripon is currently without a policy.
In recent years, flyers for the farmer’s market and the Fourth of July have been included in utility bill mailings but only with approval from the Ripon City Council.
Elected leaders will look to keep it that way.
At today’s 6 p.m. meeting in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave., they’ll discuss and possibly approve a policy that will prohibit outside organizations from placing inserts in City mailings.
This matter had raised some concerns from council members, who gave staff direction to develop a policy at their October meeting.
Staff had analyzed various issues with flyers in City mailings, including third-party costs for an estimated 4,000 inserts.
In other agenda items:
uA public hearing is scheduled, in part, to receive comments related to the 5th Cycle Housing Element, a primary policy document that guides the development, rehabilitation, and preservation of housing for all economic segments.
uA public hearing will also be held for the purpose of receiving comments related to an application to enter into a Developer Agreement pact for 26.41 acres of property located at the southwest corner of the River Road and Fulton Avenue intersection as a residential subdivision and consideration for a tentative subdivision map to create 133 single-family residential lots.
uCouncil will consider approving expenditures from the golf course capital account for improvements to Jack Tone golf course not to exceed $30,670.
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