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Event nets $825 for Ripon Police Memorial
Tip-A-Cop-Dinner--4 edited-2-LT
Four Ripon police officers and a restaurant staffer are pictured during the Tip-A-Cop dinner Friday night used to raise money for the Police Memorial located next to the old city hall on First and Locust Streets. Officers from left are Leroy Sanchez, Alex Burgos, Steve Meece, waiter Mark Tugele and Officer Ken Husman. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Ripon police officers did what they set out to do Friday night waiting on tables at the Barnwood Restaurant in their effort to raise funds for the police memorial now under construction by netting $825.

Heading up the memorial effort is John Mangelos who credited Officer Stephen Meece for going a step further and setting up a booth at Main Street Day to sell commemorative red bricks to be set in concrete at the memorial site.

The bricks sold for $100 each with Riponites buying over $12,000 worth at the annual Saturday event in the downtown section of the city.

Mangelos recalled the generosity of one retired police officer who came into the restaurant, sat down and ordered only water.  He gave officers a $100 donation toward the memorial after receiving his glass of water.

“The community came out and was very generous,” Mangelos said, “in helping fund the effort.  We are getting very close to paying for the memorial with only a couple thousand more needed to pay for it.”

At the end of the night the officer-waiters sat down and had a Barnwood “Code 2 Special” described as very hot and wonderful. 

“I’m always impressed at what a great community Ripon is and has been,” Mangelos said.