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Hillary Clinton visits Chinatown tea shop in SF
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton took time out Wednesday from raising money in San Francisco to visit a tea shop in Chinatown.

Scores of people waited outside the Red Blossom Tea Co. as Clinton talked inside with shop owner Alice Luong and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Clinton greeted the mayor with a hug and waved to bystanders before dipping inside the shop, where she sampled three tea varieties. Security kept the swelling crowd from getting too close to the store, but that didn’t stop tourists and others from snapping photos.

San Francisco native Rick Jackson had finished a chiropractor appointment nearby when he saw the crowd and stopped. He said he’s glad he did.

“This is about as close as I’ll ever get to her. Because once she becomes president this whole area will be blocked off and you won’t even be able to get within a half a mile of her,” he said.

A visibly ecstatic Luong said she was informed of the visit shortly beforehand. Her father, now deceased, had owned the store.

Clinton had not been scheduled for public appearances Wednesday.

There were several shouts of “boo” when Clinton left nearly an hour later. Several people called out “Benghazi,” referring to the 2012 terror attack in Libya while she was secretary of state.