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UC Berkeley students leave campus in protest
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BERKELEY (AP) — UC Berkeley students fighting tuition hikes system-wide walked out of classes and around the city in a peaceful protest.

Over the last five days, several dozen students have peacefully camped at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall, with as many as 150 students there at times.

On Monday, several hundred students, carrying signs and chanting against the hikes, left Wheeler and walked roughly 3 miles around Berkeley to protest the fee hikes.

Last Thursday, the UC Board of Regents voted 14-7 to approve increases of as much as 5 percent in each of the next five years unless the state devotes more money to the system.

Rallies and marches were also set at UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis Monday.

There were no reports of violence or arrests at any of those protests.

About 50 people are expected to sleep at Wheeler Monday night.