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Uncle Sam picks up half of gap tab
Atherton Drive going forward with $1.5M in federal funds
Construction will start this year on the missing link of Atherton Drive between South Main Street and where it ends at the western edge of Paseo Villas just past Wellington Avenue. - photo by HIME ROMERO
A cooperative “money swap” between Manteca, Tracy, and Stockton is now saving Manteca upwards of $1,550,000 toward the construction cost of the Atherton Drive gap closure project.

That means over half of the estimated $2.9 million tab needed to pay for the extension of Atherton Drive from South Main Street to the western edge of Paseo Villas at a point west of Wellington Avenue will be paid for with federal funds. Once completed, Atherton Drive will run from Woodward Avenue to Union Road.

A second project is planned down the road to complete the Atherton Drive gap between Union Road and a point east of Airport Way.

Work will start before the end of the year with the completion expected sometime next spring.

Manteca in September 2009 was awarded $900,000 in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the work.

The money had a tight funding and construction deadline requirements. Manteca was slowed down by Caltrans delays that the state agency attributed to furloughs.

So instead of losing the money, Manteca worked with Tracy and Stockton as well as the San Joaquin County Council of Government to work out an exchange of federal highway funding to prevent the loss of any federal funds.

The swap switched Stockton’s Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) funds for ARRA funds. That means Tracy and Manteca projects will utilize the RSTP funds, while the City of Stockton utilizes the combined stimulus funds for Stockton projects.

Manteca received another $650,000 in federal stimulus funds for Atherton Drive while it was in the environmental review process.
Fees paid by new grow
th will cover the balance after federal funds are exhausted.

The Atherton Drive gap closure project is expected to stimulate potential commercial and office type development along its corridor as the north side of Atherton Drive offers Highway 120 Bypass exposure with two freeway interchanges within a two-mile stretch.