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Work set for streets around Sierra High & Woodward Park
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Measure K sales tax and gas tax receipts will cover the $2 million cost of pavement maintenance for 27 miles of city streets this year.

Two sections of Manteca will have either a slurry steal or cape seal placed on them to prolong the life expectancy of the pavement.

All city streets in the Sierra High neighborhood bounded by Airport Way, Yosemite Avenue, Union Road and the 120 Bypass will have work done on them.

The same goes for streets in the Woodward Park neighborhood. That includes all streets north of Woodward Avenue, east of Main Street, south of the 120 Bypass and west of Van Ryn Avenue. It also covers streets south of Woodward Avenue bounded on the east by Pillsbury Road and the west by Union Road and the south by Tannehill Drive.

The Manteca City Council Tuesday awarded the low bid to Sierra Nevada Construction.

Two years ago, the city commissioned Harris & Associates to  conduct  a survey of city streets to determine their condition.  The pavement experts warned the city would have to spend  at least $37.5 million in work over the next few years to prevent conditions deteriorating to the point they would cost 30 times that amount to replace. The study isn’t gospel although it is based on actual situations, life expectancy, and normal wear and tear. To do nothing and let 180.4 miles of Manteca’s 219 municipal miles of streets deteriorate completely would cost $1 billion to replace.