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Bozell off base to ridicule Trump impeachment hearing as boring

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Why does Brent Bozell lambast the media and call their coverage of the impeachment hearings “boring”? What I truly find boring are most of Bozell’s editorials. 

The Wednesday column was particularly boring because he made assumptions about how many people are watching the impeachment hearings, and doing so in decreasing numbers. He attempted to convince readers that people are just bored stiff by the testimonies of witnesses. Even the Republicans asking questions tell the viewers it is boring. It is simply a strategy to get people to give the hearings cursory viewing and consideration. 

Is law and order really that boring to them? Is America’s standing in the world as the “beacon on the hill” so boring that we should not see just how much that light has dimmed since Trump took office. Do they think so little of our constitution as to call its writing about the role of each branch of government “boring” as relates to Trump’s attempt to bribe President Zelensky into helping him win the 2020 election? If President Obama did one thing even close to what Trump has done there would be Republicans cursing, red faced, spitting, and yelling to throw him out. How many were indicted in his administration? House republicans are the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet as are many of their followers. How shameful!  What has suddenly happened to their moral compass? 

Bozell gives little credit to the viewers by indicating that the numbers of viewers have been decreasing. Is it not possible that those viewers have seen enough to understand what crimes were committed by and in the name of the POTUS; that they have no need for more and more damning evidence? Is it not possible that they don’t need to hear a lot of the republican member’s puffery day after day saying not to believe our own eyes and ears? 

They in fact appear to be doing their best to make it boring in order to get people to stop watching and listening. Some of us have heard more than enough, but are willing to listen to the summaries of news outlets to see if in fact anything new has developed. I personally prefer to watch it. Is it not the job of the members of the impeachment inquiry to make certain that they search for and get all the information necessary to make a rational decision? 

I for one do not need to hear the tweets every day that the POTUS puts out trying to intimidate or denigrate the witnesses. He attacks them in the most personal ways like some elementary school yard bully. The Republican members in the hearings attempt to do the same. Has personal intimidation of witnesses in an impeachment inquiry by a president ever been a part of a previous president’s behavior in such hearings? 

Mike Killingsworth