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City works to get impromptu dump cleared
Manteca adding 34 gas fueling pumps
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The rubble left several months ago after a developer leveled boarded up houses in the 600 block of North Lincoln Avenue to prepare for the building of townhouses should start disappearing this week.

City Manager Tim Ogden noted city workers went by the property on Thursday, removed debris from the sidewalks including couches and placed them onto the private property, and made an assessment of the situation.

The city made contact with the property owner who indicated a contractor will be out this week to finish the clean-up.

Neighbors were appreciative of the developer for leveling the homes that had become havens for the homeless and drug users in recent years. In addition to deteriorating the quality of life in the neighborhood, the homeless started several fires including one that almost got out of control and threatened nearby housing.

Thy weren’t necessarily thrilled that piles of rubble remained behind but when the developer removed the temporary fence, the site became a magnet for those who believe it is OK to take unwanted furniture and garbage and dump it there. They also noted kids were seen sometimes playing on the lot as it has become an attractive nuisance as well as well as a health concern about being a possible breeding ground for rodents.

Four gas stations

opening in 2018

Manteca will have 34 additional gas fueling pumps by the time 2018 comes to an end.

After roughly a decade of no new gas stations being built, Manteca is adding four in one year.

Work is now underway on two along the Main Street corridor.

uA Circle K convenience store and Chevron gas station is under construction south of the 120 Bypass on the southeast corner of South Main Street at Quintal Road that will have a tower feature that will dovetail into the design of The Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley. There will be a 3,000-square-foot store along with a 2,385-square-foot canopy covering the four fuel pumps. It is the first commercial endeavor in southwest Manteca.

uA Chevron gas station and Food Mart combination is being built on the west side of North Main Street just north of Lancaster Drive on a parcel between the Robert E. Goodwin Community School and the Manteca Moose Lodge. It will consist of 12 gas pumps under a canopy and a 3,700-square-foot building that includes the convenience store and a suite of 1,728 square feet to be rented for retail purposes. The project also includes a second building proposed for 5,858 square feet of retail space in four suites. It will be the first gas station north of the central district along Main Street since a gas station was removed at Main and Alameda streets to eventually make way for a bank and the Shell station was demolished at Main and Louise for the construction of the CVS Pharmacy.

uBuilding permits are now being processed for the first Manteca gas station on Lathrop Road that is designed to cater to Highway 99 traffic. It will include an ARCO complete with a 2,500-square-foot fast food restaurant as well as a car wash on the southeast corner of Lathrop Road at Crestwood Avenue. It will have 10 gas pumps, a 3,180-square-foot AM/PM convenience store, a 2,500-square-foot fast food restaurant with drive-thru service, a 2,520-square-foot automated car wash, and a shade canopy covering 12 vacuum parking stalls. It also will feature an 82.5-foot sign allowed under city ordinances for freeway orientated services.

uAn ARCO AM/PM gas station, convenience store, and self-serve drive-thru car wash have been built this year on Daniels Street next to the Taco Bell and McDonald’s and north of the Sizzler’s restaurant in the Stadium Square Development at Airport Way and the 120 Bypass. The 3,015-square-foot convenience store along with eight fuel pump islands under a canopy, and a 925-square-foot self-serve car wash with vacuum station and 15 parking spaces is on the southwest corner of the traffic signals at Fishback Road and Daniels Street.

The final $100 egg

hidden at BMX track

The last $100 egg in the Manteca Bulletin’s Easter egg hunt was hidden near the solar powered light at the Spreckels Park BMX track at Spreckels Avenue and Moffat Boulevard.

The clues were

uThere’s a lot of stuff made by this firm that is in Peeps. — A reference to Spreckels Sugar that once owned the land where the BMX track is located.

uDoes the solar light the city installed still work? — The solar light the egg was placed by that is located on the northwest side of the storm retention basin where the BMX track is located.

uIs the next Connor Fields nearby? — A reference to a professional BMX racer who represented the United States in the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s BMX event and finished seventh.

uSchool classrooms under construction. — American Modular located to the north of the sound wall at the BMX track primarily produces modular classrooms.

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