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Survey gives Home of Lancers High marks for athletic facilities
Some favor a bigger performing arts center at East Union High. - photo by Bulletin file photo

East Union High’s athletic facilities and the general campus layout get high marks.

The same can’t be said for the 51-year-old campus’ drop-off zone and parking.

Those are some of the key findings of an online survey conducted in conjunction with community meetings that Manteca Unified leaders will use to help them decide how to best spend $13 million in Measure G bond money to address health and safety issues as well as modernize the East Union High campus.

The results as well as insights of the Thought Exchange survey will be part of a presentation to the Manteca Unified school board regarding East Union High modernization when the trustees met Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m. at the district complex, 2271 W. Louise Ave.

East Union High School is part of the second wave of Measure G modernization projects. Some $13 million has been budgeted for modernization at the campus. At the same time construction at East Union High related to a $1.1 million Career and Technical Education grant secured by the school district will take place.

District Superintendent Jason Messer indicated there are Mello-Roos district taxes that could be made available for EU work as well plus some development fees.

There were 188 unique individuals that participated in the survey with 319 thoughts contributed. The breakdown of participants was 45.1 percent parents or guardians, 30 percent staff, 5.3 percent community member, 3.8 percent alumni, and 15.8 percent other.

Nearly 20 percent of the respondents zeroed in on the grounds and athletic facilities as a strong like about the North Union Road campus. The positive comments ranged from the layout of athletic facilities and how well they are maintained, the quad area that “gives a good sense of community”, and the general grounds ambiance. One respondent noted, “The redwood trees in front and the sprawling grass area are very nice. EU has curb appeal.”

The campus layout was praised for being organized by wings and for the quad being in the middle. 

Other things respondents praised included:

uThe closed campus.

uThe building façade and how school colors blend in with structures.

uMaintenance of the exteriors.

uThe school murals.

uThe newer wings in place for math and science.

uSpacious classrooms described as safe learning environments.

Some 25.6 percent of the survey participants zeroed in on drop-off zones, pick-up zones, and parking offering a strong sentiment that it is a desperately needed health and safety concern that needs to be addressed.

Among the suggestions was to eliminate the need for a parent drop off zone on a busy street by creating an efficient drop off area.

One comment noted, “Perhaps the roundabout at the front of the school that has been discussed for years (should be built.) The student’s safety should be No. 1. Get the students off the streets as much as possible and at a safer drop off location.”

Two students have been struck by vehicles so far this school year.

Other health and safety concerns that were raised included:

uThe need to demolish and rebuild the agricultural department as many believe it is a safety hazard.

uThe need for an updated fire and alarm system that is easy to follow as well as an up to date surveillance video system.

uThe fact the campus is too open in terms of accessibility and how it relates to security.

uThe need for updated locker rooms restrooms, and drinking fountains.

uSome toilets do not work properly and end up overflowing onto the floor.

A new agricultural building was the top theme of respondents when it came to East Union High’s modernization needs.

Other modernization needs include:

uA larger performing arts venue or a fine arts building with one person noting, “It’s awful we have only the gym or cafeteria for concerts. It’s important that our school looks like they care about the arts/band.”

uPortable classrooms need to be replaced as some indicate they leak when it rains.

uLarger classrooms are favored.

uA larger cafeteria big enough for all students. One respondent noted “the cafeterias at (Lathrop High) and Sierra High and Weston Ranch are roomy, comfortable and well lit.”

“The attendance and administration offices need to be combined. One respondent noted such a move would “enforce a more closed campus. As it stands now anybody can walk onto campus without issue.”

uPlan for the future and build two-story classrooms to keep the campus centralized and not spread (out).”



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