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In the Year 2525, if Boy Scouts are still around . .
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Let’s just cut to the chase and mandate that people from this day forth can only have unisex babies.
Outlaw the silly notion pink is for girls and blue is for boys in hospital nurseries.
Penalize boys for being boys. Nature got it wrong. It needs to be illegal for boys to be allowed to be stronger sooner in life than girls as well as for them to be more hyper. (I guess we’re taking care of hat already by drugging boys on the belief hyperactivity is a disease.)
Penalize girls for being more book smart sooner than boys.  Again, what does nature know? Girls have a tendency it seems to excel earlier in life academically than boys. That’s just plain wrong.
From this day forth Congress and the courts must decree there are no differences mentally or physically between men and women. The mess nature created with the original sin will need to ultimately be adjusted by mandatory neutral gender reassignment surgery.
It would eliminate the need to decide who can use what bathroom.
If any of this strikes you as absurd then do yourself a favor. Come to the defense of the Boy Scouts.
Now that Scouting has given into modern DNA — the dictation of the order of things by outrage du jour on social media —  and allowed boys who openly proclaim their sexuality or girls who have come to the conclusion they were meant to be boys into their ranks, a push is on to make the program gender neutral.
The National Organization of Women is now demanding Boy Scouts be the Unisex Scouts. To quote NOW President Terry O’Neill, “Women can now hold all combat roles in the military, and women have broken many glass ceilings at the top levels of government, business, academia, and entertainment. It’s long past due that girls have equal opportunity in Scouting.”
How is Scouting the ethical equivalent of military service? And why isn’t NOW demanding that Congress make women eligible for future military drafts and require the four branches of the military meet quotas that an equal number of men and women get to be killed and maimed in combat?
At the risk of being branded sexist, isn’t there some value to girls bonding with girls and boys bonding with boys growing up? Isn’t it just as healthy on an emotional, mental, and physical level for genders to be different? And if that is true isn’t the best way to sharpen emotional or physical characteristics that nature confers by the X and Y chromosomes to allow times when “Xs” can gather with “Xs” and “Ys” with “Ys” to strengthen what nature conferred on them via DNA as well as activities that mix “Xs” and “Ys”?
Or are we so smug as a species that we believe we came up with civilization in a vacuum devoid of any influence nature provided in DNA?
 The concept of equality isn’t built on the assumption we are literally equal in all aspects, physical and otherwise.
Trying to redo basic DNA programming can have unintended consequences.
I learned this starting as a first grader at Cirby School in Roseville. My mom said I was lucky to get my teacher.
How lucky was I? Well, she firmly believed everyone should be right-handed. After a month or so being unable to overcome my natural tendency to pick up pencils and scissors with my left hand she started swatting my wrist with a wooden ruler every time I did. This went on day in and day out. I never said anything to my mom because she told me what a great teacher I had. By early May the teacher literally broke me of my habit with one hellacious hit with a metal yardstick. I couldn’t pick up anything with my right hand for weeks. Two years later I blurted put what had happened during a doctor’s visit when the physician said I had a serious fracture in my right wrist.
By being forced not to develop as a left-handed person as nature intended, I had to work real hard at seeing the world as a righty. To this day when I’m trying to follow moves in a group exercise class I literally have to stop and think whether the movement is left to right or right to left.
Kids should be allowed to develop their natural strengths. Being a boy or being a girl is a natural strength. Boy Scouts is a learning environment that takes into account what comes with being a boy. That doesn’t mean boys and girls don’t benefit from being mixed in organizations such as FFA, 4-H and even Little League that are also essentially learning environments.
If you believe most who are gay or transgender are wired that way then you also need to understand that most boys are wired as boys, most girls are wired as girls, right-handers are wired as right-handers, and left-handers are wired as left-handers.
The world needs a variety of venues to help young people grow up heathy both mentally and physically.
To destroy Boy Scouts — or Girl Scouts — in the name of either political correctness equality or in defiance of the things nature has conferred on us that make us different, is not healthy unless your ultimate goal is to gender neutralize physiology so that the concepts of boys or girls no longer exists.
If that is your intent then admit it and go for it.
And while you’re destroying civilization Google the 1969 hit song “In the Year 2525” by Zager and Evans so you can enjoy soothing background music as you work on destroying the human race.