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A positive DMV experience
Glenn Kahl mug

It was an unbelievable find on Wednesday — the usual line around the Manteca DMV building was gone.

It was quite a surprise when driving by just to check on the flow underscoring my need to get a copy of my drivers’ license since it was sent to a wrong address and sent back to Sacramento post haste.

Walking up to the front door, I didn’t see anyone standing in line just inside the office. Entering, there was only one person in line ahead of me. A clerk directed me to a computer where entering my basic information would lead to another mailing of my license. The DMV office had sent the original to my old address of 46 years that they still had in their data base – obviously overlooking the address I provided when taking the written test. 

 Directed to Window #4 was the highlight of my day in meeting a very congenial clerk named Burchell getting me out the door with a temporary license and my old one as well.  I have never encountered someone that pleasant at the DMV office as she seemed to be to everyone.  Hopefully she is valued by her supervisors as a positive staff member.  It was quite a contrast to two former visits that took some four hours, even with an appointment. 

Good drivers should get reward ticket

On my way to church in Oakdale last Sunday morning, I recognized the SUV ahead of me was driven by “Lisa” the wife of a Ripon police officer.  For 15 to 20 minutes her driving was impeccable with her husband riding in the passenger seat and the kids were in the back of the car.

She maintained the speed limit, drove straight as an arrow and there were no Hollywood second gear stops either.  Unlike many of today’s drivers, she didn’t cut anyone off.

It made me think of the Washington State Highway Patrol many years ago when their officers would pull drivers over for a “good driver” recognition – letting the people know that their efforts were not being overlooked.  The WHP had a radio show that was picked up in California that included quotes from drivers after they realized why they had been pulled over.

While that is a good idea here in Manteca and Ripon, I’m told its not possible because the courts have ruled it to be an invasion of the motorist’s privacy and would be in some way unconstitutional.  

Cameras needed at new 

Ripon intersection

River Road at Fulton Avenue has a beautiful new intersection across from Mistlin Sports Park – pavers set in patterns across the street.  However, someone has been spinning donuts in the center of the intersection and leaving black tire marks behind.  

It would be nice to see the responsible parties located and made to clean off those black marks military style with tooth brushes.

Ripon Police ride along was all waves

Went on a ride along with Ripon officer Mike Perry Thursday and witnessed seeing what the residents thought of their police department. 

If it was represented in the number of waves we received from people on the street, it was a pretty healthy outlook. One mid-afternoon call complained about an apparent transient selling an X-Box at the Flying J Truck Stop.  Arriving on the scene the suspect had left the area.  Having seen the scam previously before, the officer said it was probably an X-Box carton filled with old phone books. 

The Ripon Police Department officers are competing in a whisker growing competition throughout November having already raised over $800 for Interfaith Ministries.

Grandson coming for Manteca

Christmas in the Park and parade

My 11-year-old grandson Andy is coming up from the San Diego area Dec. 1 wanting to ride in the Christmas parade down Yosemite Avenue in the old historic fire truck with me.  Andy is an outstanding young man who continually thinks of others before himself.  

It was last year on the first anniversary of my wife Mary Lou’s passing that he surprised me with his caring actions.  I had called my son in Texas and the other in San Diego and asked that we all raise our glasses to “Mom” at dinner at 6:15 that day.  Andy answered the phone and immediately asked me if I remembered what day it was – the day Grandma died Sept. 17.

When I told him of my plan for a universal toast to her, he interrupted saying he already had a framed 8x10 of Grandma on the dinner table with a candle burning in love and tribute to her memory.  He said he would tell his folks and said that I could be sure they would be raising their glasses to her at the same time as the rest of the family.

He added that he had written a letter that he put under the picture telling Grandma how special she was to him all his life.  Quite a boy!