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Power outage makes you realize just how much we rely on electricity
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No power, no problem?

Yes, it was a big problem on Wednesday afternoon and most of the following day to find out that your home was one of the thousands throughout the state left in the dark – literally.

The storm here brought heavy rains, thunderstorm and winds gusting over 40 miles per hour, making it the worst of weather conditions for the week.

Power outages such as these quickly make one realize our dependency on electricity.

For starters, electricity powers the automatic garage door opener. I found myself flicking the remote control several times at the garage door as I approached the house. Maybe I just needed to replace the battery?

No power in the house – problem solved.

My family was left in the cold without use of the central heating unit. Instead, we had to bring out the heavy blankets just to stay warm as temperatures in the house dipped below 50.

We relied on candles of any kind to provide that beacon of light come nightfall.

Fortunately, we had a large flashlight for such an emergency. Pacific Gas & Electric recommends that along with a radio – specifically for storm condition updates – with fresh batteries.

I also brought out a standard telephone handset since the cordless phones were of no use in a power outage. PG&E says to use your cell phone as a backup. I did the opposite, realizing quickly that I was going to have a tough time recharging the phone without use of electricity. For the record, I’ve yet to purchase a car charger for this particular cell phone but I’m reconsidering.

As PG&E recommends, we did leave a light on during the night in the event power was restored.

Power wasn’t restored until Thursday afternoon.

It sure was tough waking up without use of hot water. My son, Josh, had no problem slipping into his school clothes.

On the other hand, I can’t quite get my day going without a morning shower. I was ever so thankful for gym membership.

Once there, I took a nice warm shower before breaking a sweat. For me, it’s difficult changing that everyday routine.

Meanwhile, PG&E ask that you call 1-800-743-5002 to report a power outage.

But first make sure you take a quick glance at the homes of your neighbors to confirm the outage. Once, for example, I found out that my place was without power because of a circuit breaker.

PG&E uses the same phone number as above to check on the status of your outage.

I know I was hoping it wouldn’t be more than two days.

My prayers were answered.