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Semi gated community
Council rejects proposal for 7-foot fences
A rendering of the residents-only clubhouse and swimming pool. - photo by Photo Contributed

Shadowbrook — the largest new neighborhood ever to be built east of Highway 99 — will have a neighborhood park that everyone in Manteca can access.

The only proviso is non-residents will have to either walk or bicycle to reach it unless they know residents living in one of the 492 planned homes that can buzz them in one of two gated vehicle entrances using an app on their smartphones. The access sidewalks will not be gated.

It is just one of the features of the 122-acre subdivision being built by Trumark Homes given the final approval on Tuesday by the Manteca City Council. Trumark representatives described Shadowbrook as a “semi-gated” community.”

The project originally was envisioned as an age-restricted community similar to Del Webb when it was advanced by the late Antone Raymus in 2005. 

Manteca leaders blessed Trumark jettisoning the age-restriction requirement, enlarging some lots, and reducing the number of access streets from Southland Road from two to one. Among the features of the project are:

uThe neighborhood park that anyone in Manteca can use will sit next to a clubhouse and swimming pool that features outdoor and indoor kitchens that only Shadowbrook residents can access. There will also be a small amphitheater.

uThe developer will invest $1 million in a roundabout at Felice Way and Louise Avenue to avoid the need for traffic signals and to keep Louise Avenue traffic flow at an optimum level.

uA homeowners association will maintain all street lighting, the clubhouse and the neighborhood park. They will also be part of a landscape maintenance district to maintain the perimeter landscaping.

uThe neighborhood will include a number of executive-style homes on lots up to 20,400 square feet.

uThere will be a decorative 13-foot high masonry wall along the Highway 99 freeway corridor.

uThere will be a 6-foot high vinyl fence separating larger, rural residential parcels along Cottage Avenue that back up to the eastern edge of Shadowbrook.

Neighbors of the project along Cottage Avenue said they’d prefer a masonry wall instead of the wooden fence on the eastern perimeter that Trumark Homes proposed. And if a masonry fence wasn’t possible they’d prefer 7-foot fences.

After several council members entertained the idea of a 7-foot fence, Mayor Steve DeBrum cautioned them not to be “wishy washy” given that six weeks ago they deiced that all new fences in Manteca should be 6 feet based on safety concerns of the Manteca Police Department. Staff had noted in planned developments such as Shadowbrook the council has the option to deviate from adopted standards.

The council noted ultimately more homes would back up against the perimeter fence. They pointed out Manteca doesn’t have any situation where a masonry fence separated homes in a subdivision.

The council ending up adopting Councilman Mike Morowit’s suggestion to require a 6-foot vinyl fence that he said would last longer and blend in more with the rest of the perimeter fencing from the Southland entrance street south along the freeway corridor and along Louise Avenue.


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