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Feeling guilty about offering others M&Ms
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Editor’s Note: Susan McCreath has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin and CORE Athletic Performance. McCreath is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey. These are her thoughts and feelings shared with you.


Day 209

Tonight was another good leg and butt bootcamp. Lots of running tonight, which I still can’t do, but I did do most of the squats which always burn!! Judging by the amount of sweat on people tonight you could definitely tell it was a killer workout. 


Day 210

I am debating whether or not I should get one of those Fit Bit type things that measure your fitness level on a daily basis. Some people at work were talking about them today and they sound kind of cool, but I wonder if they really help keep you on track. Part of me really believes that it comes down to you and you only … not what a wristband will tell you. On the other hand though it would be cool to see what it says about me on a daily basis.


Day 211

Before our staff meeting this morning one of the teachers asked to make an announcement. It was time to announce the two biggest losers from our summer weight loss contest. I did not participate in this challenge. We all got a good chuckle when the organizer said that she thought she might have to choose the person who did not gain the most weight over summer! Thankfully, there were a few who did lose some weight and they got to take home some extra spending cash today! The next contest starts next week and I am planning on joining that group whose contest will end at Thanksgiving.


Day 212

I put an M & M dispenser in my office and filled it to the top. It sits right by my door in plain sight of the hallway that people walk through all day long. It’s like an old fashioned candy machine where you pull on a lever and you get a handful of M&M’s. Let’s just say that has been quite the hit with the staff … but, part of me feels guilty for putting out an unhealthy treat! 


Day 213

It is amazing how fast the weeks are going by. I need time to slow down for a bit and I need more hours in the day. My sleep has been horrible lately as I’m only averaging about 5-6 hours per night and I can tell! 


Day 214

Up early for volleyball in Sonora. I didn’t have time to get to the store and buy my food so ended up going out for lunch. I find myself looking at and reading menus for a long time now before I order. If someone was inside my head they could hear my internal battle of what I want to order versus what I should order! Do other people do this, or am I the only crazy person that has this running dialogue in my head centered around food.


Day 215

Grocery shopping day! I love how my cart looks and there is a sense of pride when I put all that healthy, fresh stuff up on the counter. I also find myself checking out other people’s carts and looking at what they are buying … talk about internal dialogues!


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