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Getting a head start on springtime fishing at favorite Delta spot
Kyle Rasmussen of Angels Camp shows off his 7.97-pound fish that set a new record at New Melones Lake. - photo by Glory Hole Sports
With next week off and basketball season over, I’m really looking forward to getting out on the water.

Over the years I’ve learned that by the time the word gets out that the bite is really good, anglers have already been catching fish. So I make is point to start my spring fishing around the first week of February.

The second and third weeks of February have also been good to me for the past few years. I’ll probably just stay local and fish some of my favorite Delta spots.

One of my favorite launches is Paradise Point Marina because it’s centrally located where I like to fish. The launch isn’t the greatest, but I’ve never had a problem, so I’m comfortable with it. I’m not sure what bait I’ll be throwing, I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the water temperature though, as the closest it gets to 55 degrees the better the fishing usually gets.    

Delta Report
Anglers continue to struggle while fishing for bass on the Delta. Typically this time of year you’re not going to get many bites, but the ones you do get can be giants.

One of my favorite early-spring baits is a red spinnerbait with gold blades. You can cover a lot of water with the bait it often attracts ferocious bites.

For a more subtle approach, senko’s and jigs are also favorites among many Delta anglers.  

New Melones Lake
The trout fishing has slowed a bit as the barometer has dropped. Glory Hole Point is still a hot spot for anglers fishing with either Power Bait or Kastmasters.

Bass fishing is picking up on the lake as anglers are starting to see some fish moving shallow. The bite hasn’t opened up just yet but will be shortly.

Recently, Kyle Rasmussen of Angles Camp caught the new lake record spotted bass that weighed 7.97 pounds. Supposedly, a lot of quality-sized spotted bass are being caught by anglers fishing from between 5 and 40 feet deep.

Lake Don Pedro
Trout fishing has picked up lately for anglers trolling anywhere from 10-15 feet deep. Bass fishing is also starting to pick up for a lot of anglers.

A majority of anglers are throwing large swimbaits with mixed results. Anglers fishing points and schools of fish down to 35 feet are catching small limits and an occasional good fish.

Lake Amador
If you’re looking to increase your chances at catching a 2-plus pound trout Lake Amador is the place to go.

The lake is currently being stocked weekly with loads of fish over 2 pounds that are providing anglers with above average results.

Power bait fished right off the bottom or trolling small shad imitating lures are almost sure things on the lake.

Lake Camanche
Trout fishing is good as anglers are catching them on and off the bank. North Shore bank anglers are having the best of luck while catching limits of trout up to 4 pounds on both Power Bait and Power Eggs.

Bass fishing remains steady as anglers are fishing down to 25 feet deep with soft plastics and jigs.

Lake Pardee
The lake is now open, and although there are no reports to draw from I definitely wouldn’t overlook it as it potentially holds the next world record smallmouth bass.

Trout fishing is also traditionally good on the lake during early spring as they can usually be caught while trolling from the surface down to 10 feet.

Fishing Tip
As the weather is surely to start warming up, this is the time of year when sunburns hurt the most. For many of us we’ve been stuck indoors out of any sunlight.

Our skins more than likely become unaccustomed to sunlight. Knowing this, it’s very important that you take special precautions when you finally decide to venture out.

I always keep sunblock in my boat and try to make a habit of applying sunblock before I leave the house in the morning.

A hat and a good pair of sunglasses is also a must as your eyes more than likely become desensitized to sunlight.

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