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Get ready for duck hunting, fishing to overlap
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In a few short weeks duck hunting season will be opening. 

In years past this hasn’t been much of a problem for most of us anglers, as there’s always been plenty of places to hunt and to fish. As a result of our current drought, boaters have funneled towards the Delta for all their boating. 

Recently while fishing the Delta I saw more boats than I’ve ever seen before on the water, and a combination of pleasure boaters. Duck hunters were even out repairing their blinds for the upcoming duck season. 

What I noticed that was different from years past was that there were blinds being set up in more areas on the Delta than I can remember. It’s not a problem now, but once duck hunting season opens hunters will be in those blinds and they usually don’t take to kindly to anglers fishing within sight of their duck blinds. 

So, I’m already planning on staying out of some of my favorite flooded islands while sticking to fishing the main channels. Other than that, all I can do is continue to hope for rain, more now than ever.



Delta Report

The hardest part about fishing the Delta right now is all the floating hyacinth. It’s the worst I’ve seen on the Delta, and it’s everywhere. 

For anglers trolling for striped bass it’s been difficult keeping their lines clear of floating vegetation and debris that’s suspended under the surface. Bass fishing continues to be good for anglers fishing reaction baits for numbers of keeper-sized bass. 

For larger bass, anglers are still catching them with top-water lures or fishing around thick vegetation. Striped bass fishing is starting to pick up as anglers continue to do well early in the morning on topwater lures and while trolling broke back rebels during the day. 


New Melones Lake

Trout fishing is slow. Not many anglers are fishing, so there are very few reports being submitted. Anglers are still catching a few at night under submersible lights but the bite has been slow.

Catfishing continues to be good for anglers fishing with chicken livers through the night. Bass fishing continues to be good for large numbers for those fishing small plastics and tossing shad imitating lures. 

Glory Hole Point is currently the only launching option for anglers that are willing to launch their boats off of an unpaved surface.


Lake Amador

Trout plants are scheduled to begin as soon as the water temperature drops a few more degrees. Typically trout plants on the lake start taking place mid-October. The majority of the fishing on the lake is for bluegill and catfish that can both be taken while fishing off the bank or from a boat. Bass fishing is still hit or miss until the weather becomes more fall like.  


Lake Camanche

Anglers are doing well while fishing off the bank for catfish. The bait of choice right now seems to be frozen Mackerel. Bass fishing is still fair for anglers fishing with small plastics and lures around islands and points. Both launch ramps are open as the construction on the low water ramp at the South Shore has been completed. 


Lake Don Pedro

Water levels are still really low and down to one launch ramp. Many anglers have stayed away from the lake. Traditionally as we get further in the fall fishing for rainbows and king salmon gets really good before winter sets in. Unfortunately, there are very few anglers reporting on the bite making it tough to tell if the fish are biting or not. 


Bass Pro Shops

Halloween Event

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