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Move to remove non-native fish from Delta
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I was recently informed of a current bill that calls for the removal of all non-native species from parts of the Delta, Stanislaus River and New Melones Lake. 

There are very few species of fish locally that are native, making the passing of Senate Bill S1894 something that should be of great concern to us. 

Admittedly, I’m not who engages in lengthy discussions about politics. This proposed bill threatens something that’s near and dear to all of us. I encourage all of you to sign an online petition that can be found at, or view the very informative documentary titled “Over Troubled Waters” that can be found on YouTube, on the Restore the Delta Channel. 

The petition needs to be signed by Oct. 30.


Delta Report

The bite on the Delta continues to be tough for a lot of anglers. Floating hyacinth mats along with grass that’s floating just below the surface is making it hard on anglers trolling or even bait fishing. 

In most places the water temperature is still above 70 degrees. As the water temperature drops even lower the bite for striped bass should improve. 

Largemouth bass are still being caught by those fishing with reaction baits or fishing heavy vegetation with creature baits.  

Duck hunting season is open so be on the look out for duck blinds.


New Melones Lake

Launching a boat on the lake requires a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

The fishing is starting to improve. Catfishing continues to get most of the attention as there are a lot of nice fish being caught recently by anglers fishing off the bank and from their boats wit cut bait. 

There are currently very few reports of trout being caught but typically as we get closer to true fall like conditions the trout fishing picks up.  


Lake Don Pedro

Not too many anglers are fishing the lake. There is only one launch ramp open: Fleming Meadows. The ramp is limited to one lane which has been keeping a lot of boats away.

Traditionally this time of year is a good time to target king salmon and trout as the water temperature is beginning to drop and the shad are starting to school up.  


Lake Amador

They’re still waiting for the temperatures to drop at Lake Amador before they resume stocking the lake with trout. This season should be a busy one on the lake since many of the local lakes are less than a quarter of the way full. 

Bluegill and catfishing continue to be targeted by anglers fishing off the banks. Bass fishing is slow as the bass are awaiting the change in water temperature.


Lake Camanche

Your best bet right now on the lake is catfish. The lake is currently receiving a little water from Lake Pardee but is still very low. Anglers fishing for catfish are fishing with Chicken Livers and Anchovies. 

Bluegills can still be caught up shallow by anglers fishing with worms. Bass fishing continues to be good for numbers of smaller fish for those fishing with small plastic worms or jigs.

Tip of the Week

Sometimes changing line diameter can be the difference between catching fish and not catching fish. When fishing clear clean water it’s recommended that a smaller more invisible line is used in place of a large diameter line. 

If fishing around heavy cover such as wood, rock, or thick vegetation you’re going to want to use a thicker stronger line. Thinner line sinks faster and easier than thicker line making it a good choice when fishing sinking or diving baits. 

Next time the fishing gets tough and the water is cleaner than normal try going to a thinner diameter line.


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