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Las Palmas comes out from hiding
Mexican restaurant marks 8th year in Manteca with new N. Main location
pic las-palmas-1a
Javier Gomez of San Jose takes time out to enjoy a bowl of albondigas soup along with a batch of homemade tortillas at the Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant’s new Manteca location at 425 N. Main St. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

Blanca Maraville had a dream of owning a restaurant.

A cook of a well-known Mexican eatery in Stockton at the time, according to her husband Francisco, she even had a name in mind – Las Palmas.

For the past eight years, Las Palmas had enjoyed a rather successful run in Manteca. Located behind the Waffle Shop and next door to Rocko’s, the restaurant was also hidden away from the bustling North Main Street traffic, Maraville noted on Tuesday.

“We wanted to get more exposure,” she said.

During the past year, Blanca and Francisco contemplated a change, especially since the former home of Las Puertas had become available for lease.

The new Las Palmas opened at 425 N. Main St. last Wednesday (a grand-opening celebration with live music is in the plans for the coming weeks).

The interior of the Mexican restaurant is equipped with new carpeting, a fresh coat of paint and spruced up décor.

A full service bar is also in the plans, and could be available by September.

From the outside, a large new Las Palmas sign is visible to traffic.

In addition, Blanca Maraville has expanded the menu, adding more breakfast items – included is a vegetarian omelet and a Mexican omelet – and entrees such as “Parrilla Estilo Las Palmas,” a fajita concoction consisting of Chorizo, pork chop, beef stock, bell peppers and other vegetables served on a red sauce.

Many of the Las Palmas flavors can be traced back to Michoacán. Blanca and Francisco, who once worked as a welder, are originally from the central region of Mexico.

Meanwhile, they’re hoping that some of their regular patrons will find their way to the new restaurant.

“Many still go to our old location,” Blanca said. “They might think we are no longer in business.”

On the contrary, Las Palmas appears to be doing quite well in its new location. Perhaps it’s by happenstance that folks are finding their way there, the Maravilles believe, remembering the previous Mexican restaurant at the very location.

“We’re noticing different people here,” Blanca said.

The new patrons are also discovering what brought the regulars back time and time again – the homemade-style tortillas.

Las Palmas hand rolls fresh flour and corn tortillas on a daily basis.

Blanca and Francisco are among the 12 workers at the restaurant that’s open seven days a week, from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Las Palmas also has a banquet room and will again offer a buffet as a dining option.

“(The buffet) was successful at our old location,” said Blanca Maraville, who has only added to her dream.

For more information on Las Palmas, call (209) 825-8560.