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Hot job: He makes his living keeping people cool
Alfredo Castor, owner of VLC Heating and Air Conditioning. - photo by MONICA CANE

Alfredo Castro expects his business to heat up in the coming months.

It’s a given if you are in the air conditioning business and the mercury is flirting with the century mark.

“When I do a tune up, I completely clean the A/C unit, check all electric components, add Freon if necessary and make sure everything is running great,” said Castro who owns VLC Heating and Air Conditioning. “I want to make sure my customers are completely satisfied.

While filters are not typically included in tune-ups due to the different filter preferences customers may have, Castro is mindful to recommend when filters need replacing and also makes a point to educate his customers on the proper filters needed. 

“Many customers assume the most expensive filters are better but truthfully the more expensive ones tend to have a restrictive air flow causing more energy consumption which then over works your A/C motor,” Castro said. “I always recommend the less expensive filters because of their better air flow and efficiency.”

His decision to launch his own business was prompted by changes at the firm where he worked.

“I use to work for a very large heating and air company for 10 years,” he said. “It was great but then the company decided to do what most other heating and air companies were doing and switch over to having their technicians paid by100% commission.” 

Concerned that having technicians solely on a commission based income might bring some sort of compromise with various technicians when dealing with their customers, Castro voiced his concerns to his employer but his concerns fell on deaf ears.

“I tried talking to my boss and telling him that I thought commission was going to ruin the integrity of the technician and sure enough just a couple months down the road I had a situation with one of the technicians,” Castro said. “I called my boss again and told him that his technicians were robbing people.”

Seeing no change from his employer, Castro decided to start his own business using his wife’s initials VLC, who he says is his motivation, as the company name. For the past six years Castro has run VLC Heating and Air Conditioning in the way he believes a business should be ran, with integrity. 

Castro’s strong bend toward integrity and old fashion service stems from observing his grandfather as a child. 

“My grandpa owned a body shop,” Castro said. “He would pick me up after school and take me there. I remember seeing how with every transaction my grandpa made with a customer he would always extend his arm out and shake their hand. Everything that man told you was exactly how it was. I want to provide that kind of service. I want to be able to shake my customers hand and say I will provide A, B and C and then honor it just like my grandpa.”

You can also learn more about VLC Heating and Air Conditioning by visiting them on Facebook or calling 209.214.3337.