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Hope for simple People
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By: Monica Cane

Faith Columnist

“The Lord preserves the simple.”
Psalm 116:6
Have you ever felt ordinary?  Whether your position at work or in the community is one of stature, have you ever caught yourself feeling downright simple?   Sure you have.   We all have.

It may not happen often, but once in awhile everyone has those days when nothing goes right and we are left feeling much too generic to make a difference.  If today happens to be one of those days for you, there is good news.  In Psalm 116:6 we learn that, “The Lord preserves the simple.”

To preserve means: to keep or maintain intact.  When we are at our lowest point, feeling like we are going to burst at the seams, God has His strong hand on us, keeping us intact.  Oh, we may lose it for a moment or two; we may even act uglier than we would like to admit, but in the end, God preserves us—the simple ones.

Today happened to be one of those days where I didn’t feel simple.  On the contrary, today, I felt strong and confident.   When I awoke, I enjoyed a good cup of coffee, I spent time in prayer with God, and before I finished, I handed over my to-do list to Him.  I told Him what I would like to accomplish and prayed that He would help me prioritize.  By the day’s end, I praised God as I discovered that I had accomplished much more than I had set out to do. So today, I don’t feel particularly simple—I feel good.

However, I’ve had plenty of those other days when I don’t feel so good about myself. I barely get out of bed until the problems begin.  You know those miniscule problems that have the ability to peck away at your confidence and strength.  On those days, not only do I seem to struggle in my prayer time, but my morning coffee either comes out too weak, or tastes like mud.  By the time I head to work, my mood has slipped from bad to worse.

As a Christian, I demand a higher standard of living for myself so that I may be a wholesome representative for my God. As I pursue this desire each day, you would think I would always feel strong and confident, but I don’t.  All too often I feel common, ordinary, and simple.  It’s then, when I try to dig myself out of the funk I’ve fallen into, that God reminds me, regardless of my feelings, He’ll keep me intact.  Whether I am weak or strong, confident or simple, He will preserve me and I can feel good.

God knows exactly how to maintain and keep us intact regardless of our moods or how our day shapes up.  If today is a day that everything is going right and you find yourself walking in confidence and strength—recognize God as your source.  On the other hand, if today is one of those days when things seem to go from bad to worse, or you find yourself bursting at the seams, counting yourself inadequate and much too simple, then be encouraged.  You and I are simple, and being simple is good.  For God has said He will preserve us—the simple.