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Anthony Martins bleeds Red & Gold
2nd side
As he has grown older, Anthony Martins love for the 49ers has not waned as he has attended more than 40 games including major playoffs, Jerry Rices final game, Steve Youngs final game and Colin Kaepernicks first. - photo by Photo Contributed

Anthony Martins’ blood is red, but if you look closely you will probably find some gold too. Having attended more than 40 games, Anthony’s diehard passion for the San Francisco 49ers long precedes the team’s national attention for success in recent years.

He is a self-proclaimed San Francisco 49er fan since the age of seven when he attended his first game, which also happened to be Steve Young’s last. When Turlock native Colin Kaepernick not only made it into the National Football League but became a starting quarterback for the Niners, Anthony’s pride for his favorite team swelled. Having been at the game against the Chicago Bears at which Kaepernick first got his start, Anthony cheered on his fellow Turlocker.

“I know I am a true fan until the day I die. I watched them were they were not doing so well for a while and I’ve watched them when they’re good. Now that they are doing so well it’s a lot of fun to watch,” said Anthony.“A lot of fans may have rooted for them since their success in the last few years, but I’m not sure that they feel it the same way I do.”

While Anthony doesn’t have any game day rituals or superstitions, he does have his yellow lab “Niner” to keep him company whether the team wins or loses. In his typical game day uniform of a 49ers jersey and hat, Anthony enjoys tailgating with his family and makes sure their Niners flags are on the car. While he is excited for the new 49er stadium next season, Anthony is still focused on clenching the next playoff game this season.

“I get into it. I mean I get the chills, I sweat, I watch the pre-game interviews. I’ve even cried, though that was more when I was a kid. Now, if we’re in the car on the way home from a game that the Niners have lost, it’s just quiet,” said Anthony. “I had to turn off my phone for weeks after the they lost the Super Bowl last year.”

After a loss in the playoffs in 2012, which he witnessed in person, and a narrow 3 point loss in the 2013 Super Bowl, Anthony has high hopes for the Niners in the NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

“Seattle is tough to beat. I think San Francisco is the underdog, but I think that’s good. That makes them hungry, eager. I can’t wait,” said Anthony.