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BBQ off beaten path proves if you cook great ribs they will come
webers side
Through quality cooking and a dedicated customer base, Webers BBQ has been able to stay open in a tucked-away location that had a reputation for turning over restaurants at an alarming rate. - photo by 209 file photo

Retired Lathrop Reverend Lou Davis calls it a science.

Something that comes with time, effort and a few charred pieces of meat before everything finally starts to click.

He calls it “cueology” – the Art of Barbecuing.

That’s something that the Weber family has not only managed to master, but has pass down through the generations with techniques and styles and tips and recipes.

And Manteca residents are all the better for it.

For years the Webers have been slow smoking ribs and frying up catfish back in the restaurant space in Manteca Industrial Park that for years seemingly couldn’t keep a tenant because of poor traffic circulation.

But as Jerreid Weber and the rest of his family have learned – if you cook it, they will come.

The menu at Weber’s is as varied as the information and the stories that have been passed down. Burgers are available. Hot links are available. If you’re in the mood for it, authentic Southern-style catfish and shrimp are there for the taking – popular with people who grew around fish fries and with a fresh evening catch from whatever river happened to be near on the center of the table. It’s by far the most popular.

What helps set Weber’s apart, however, is the way in which they cook the beef and pork ribs that they serve up to customers.

They don’t use charcoal. They don’t use lighter fluid. Through a combination of specialized woods – cherry, apple, walnut – whoever happens to be manning the smoker is able to provide an influx of flavor that a traditional grill can’t provide.

The end result is ribs that not only fall off the bone but are packed with a flavor.

“When our family gets together we BBQ – it’s a tradition and there are a lot of ribs and we take time when we cook them,” Weber said. “What makes us different is our food quality and our service in that quality. It’s cooking up ribs where the meat just falls right off the bone.

“Other restaurants will boil their ribs and throw them on the grill or use charcoal and lighter fluid and we don’t do that. And you can taste the difference.”

Weber’s BBQ and More is located at 832 Mellon Avenue.

To get there take the Main Street exit off of the Highway 120 Bypass and head north. Turn right on Industrial Park Drive and left on Mellon and the restaurant will be at the end of the street. From the south follow Main Street toward the Highway 120 Bypass and turn left on Wetmore Street. The road will bend and eventually become Mellon Avenue, and the restaurant will be on your right.